UKFIDA Cold Weather Priority Scheme

Protection for You and your Elderly Neighbours and Relatives During Winter

The Cold Weather Priority Scheme is a heating oil initiative established by the UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA). Its purpose is to identify customers, especially those aged 75 and over in rural communities, who are most vulnerable to cold conditions. This ensures that suppliers like Carr's Billington Fuels are aware of your location and needs, enabling us to prioritise heating oil deliveries to you, particularly during fuel shortages or periods of extreme cold weather.

This potentially life-saving initiative costs heating oil customers absolutely nothing as all you need to do is ask your local UKIFDA member heating oil supplier to include you in the CWP.

What we are doing:

We are working hard seeking the consent of those who we believe fall into the ‘CWP’ category on our customer database, so that deliveries can be prioritised to these people during the winter months. If you believe you fall into this category and would like to be part of the CWP initiative please email or telephone your local depot with your details.

However, we would also welcome any additional help that you can give by:

  • Sharing this information with any elderly neighbours or relatives
  • Writing to your MP promoting the CWP initiative
  • Spreading the news via neighbours, friends and family

It costs customers of Carrs Billington Fuels absolutely nothing to be part of the CWP initiative and it could save your life, so register today!