Minerals & Supplements

Most livestock are fed a forage based ration. Whether it is fresh or conserved, the mineral content of such forages does not generally meet the animals’ minimum dietary requirements. Modern grassland management further depresses the availability of minerals and trace elements, therefore, feeding supplements is an essential practice to optimise the performance of your stock.

Carrs Billington understand the importance of proper, high quality supplementation, targeting specific issues on farm, as a result we have a selection of products to offer that work with various farming practices and methods, so you can be sure to find and option that suits you and your stock.


The Vitablox feed block range is packed with key nutrients including Sulphur, B vitamins, chelated zinc, and organic selenium. Containing locally sourced Scottish distillers’ dark grains as well as Carr’s Billington’s own rumen by-pass protein, AminoMax-M™ incorporating British rape.


The Vitamix mineral powder range helps to ensure all key micronutrients are supplied at the correct levels to maximise stock performance. Available as free-access (FA) or in-feed (IF) and packaged using at least 30% reclaimed plastic.


The Vitalyx mineral and feed bucket range is a cost-effective and time-efficient means of supplementing grazing and forages. Offered as free-access (FA) to livestock, Vitalyx provides a continuous nutrient supply 24/7 on a little and often basis.


Crystalyx supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of cows, beef, sheep, goats, and deer in a very palatable form. Crystalyx has been trialled at some of the finest agricultural institutes in the world, such as Kansas State University, Newcastle University, University of Hannover and Aberystwyth University to name but a few. It is this independent research that give credibility to the benefits of Crystalyx, and allows livestock farmers to put their trust in Crystalyx products.


Rumevite is a range of high energy, high protein high mineral feed blocks for a range of applications. Rumevite is ideal to balance deficiencies in grazing & forage, and to promote good stock health.


Carrs Billington offer a unique range of vitamin & mineral drenches for growing animals, fast action energy drenches for lambs ewes and cattle, high specification colostrum’s and traditional boluses for specific deficiencies. Visit you country store or discuss with your animal health specialist for more information on the options available.

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