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Grow more and better quality grass for your livestock, 
reducing fertiliser and feed costs. 

Carr’s Billington and RHIZA have teamed up to offer this fully integrated digital
service to help you manage your soils.

RHIZA works by mapping out all your field and soil information in one place. 
Creating a better understanding of your soil requirements to improve 
performance, yield, nutrient availability, organic matter, biodiversity, and quality.
Easy to follow visual results can be used to optimise the use of inputs.

 Turning your data into precise actions and better results, whatever your system – from pure variable rate application through to soil health, and every insight in between.


It all starts with your soil RHIZA. The only fully integrated digital agronomy and precision farming service for arable, grassland and high value crop businesses. 

advance agriadvance agri

Advanced Agriculture

Delivered by a dedicated RHIZA account manager, we combine satellite imagery, hyper-local weather data, pest and disease forecasting, plus mapping and sampling services to highlight and adapt to potential in-field variances.

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Field Focussed

Every year our agronomy partner, Agrii, makes significant investments into Research and Development. Together, we jointly established Digital

Technology Farms to investigate and validate the return on investment from agronomised precision solutions.

digital drivendigital driven

Digitally Driven

By delivering an unparalleled level of insight, RHIZA enhances yields,

reduces risks, saves time and optimises inputs. We support growers and agronomists in achieving sustainable and profitable crop production and farming.

Soil samples can be taken across the whole field or fields can be split up into
smaller zones by Electrical Conductivity scanning and then each individual
zone can be sampled (fields need to be over 10 acres). This allows variable rate
spread plans to be created and each individual zone can be treated 
accordingly, reducing inputs where needed.

Results are uploaded onto the RHIZA Contour online platform, highlighting
any deficiencies on the whole fields and/ or zoned areas. 
Displayed in a table format or colour coded visual images. Using the results a
variable rate spread plan for seed, nutrient or lime can be created helping to
target applications.

All field applications including slurry, FYM and fertiliser can be uploaded onto
Contour which allows a Fertiliser Plan and/ or a Nutrient Management Plan to
be created. This maximises the use of nutrients and keeps you compliant.

GPS tagged photos with notes for evidence for your SFI or CS scheme can be
uploaded and stored on the platform which are easily accessible.

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