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Offering a comprehensive solution for livestock management, enhancing the well-being of animals, improving farm productivity, and providing valuable data for data-driven decision-making. These smart tags are a game-changer for the modern agricultural industry, delivering both economic and environmental benefits.

CERES Tag represent a groundbreaking innovation in livestock management and agriculture technology. These innovative, smart ear tags offer a comprehensive solution for livestock tracking and monitoring, enabling farmers and ranchers to streamline operations and optimize herd health. The key benefits of CERES Tag include:

Precision Livestock Management: CERES Tag use advanced GPS and sensor technology to provide real-time, accurate data on the location and behavior of each tagged animal. This data allows for precise tracking, helping farmers improve their livestock management practices.
Health Monitoring: These tags offer continuous health monitoring, enabling early detection of potential issues. Temperature, movement, and other vital statistics are tracked, allowing for timely intervention and reducing the risk of disease outbreaks or other health concerns.
Grazing Management: With the ability to monitor the location and movement of livestock, CERES Tag facilitate efficient grazing management. Farmers can optimize pasture rotation and prevent overgrazing, leading to healthier pastures and improved forage utilization.
Security and Anti-Theft: CERES Tag come with anti-theft features, helping protect valuable livestock assets. In case of theft or unauthorized movement of animals, the system immediately alerts the owner, allowing for swift action.
Data-Driven Decision Making: The data collected byCERES Tag can be analyzed and visualized through user-friendly software, empowering farmers to make informed decisions regarding feed, water, and medication administration, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.
Compliance and Record-Keeping: These smart tags assist in meeting regulatory requirements and provide a digital record of each animal's history, including vaccinations, treatments, and movements, simplifying compliance and record-keeping.
Environmental Sustainability: By optimizing grazing practices and reducing overgrazing, CERES Tag support sustainable land use and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

ceres tagceres tag


Get alerted when suspicious activity occurs.


Know where your animals are and where they've been.


Access valuable insights about your animals.


Check in on your animals wherever you are in the world, 24/7.


No additional infrastructure required.


Daily updates on Walking, Grazing, Resting & Ruminating .


Available to order direct from our website with courier shipping direct to your door.

How It Works?


Order CERES Tag online and shipped to your door.


Choose from a wide range of software partners to suit your needs.


Tag your animals and start receiving data packets within 24 hours.


Track your animals anytime, anywhere.

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What Infrastructure Do I need?

CERES Tag is a direct to satellite solution, meaning there is no need for any additional infrastructure, towers or network set up on your property. 

How Many Tags Should I Order? 

CERES Tag Supports a sentinel monitoring strategy. Start with as little as 5% - 10% of your herd to se up to 60% of the value proposition. 

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About CERES Tag

CERES Tag is the world’s first animal monitoring information platform with direct to satellite capability through a proprietary smart ear tag. CERES Tag uses data collection and on-tag analytics to provide animal-specific geospatial location data in addition to movement and animal health monitoring. Integrating with software partner platforms, both existing and in development, the CERES Tag platform offers opportunities to improve productivity across the livestock industry and provide a richer range of information to guide effective decision-making.

This innovative technology is at the helm of scalable monitoring of biosecurity, health, welfare, performance, and traceability provenance of the supply chain network, including theft detection.

CERES Tag is the only solution which require no additional infrastructure, no maintenance, no subscription, and no battery replacements. The automated, plug and play innovation is available for direct-to-market purchasing through a dedicated eCommerce platform cerestag.com.