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Activity Alerts and Monitoring

CERES TAG's activity alerts elevate animal management and conservation efforts through activity and behaviour monitoring technology.

The system provides essential data on animal movements and behaviour enabling timely interventions and seamless integration with existing management systems.

High Activity Alerts

Behavioural Insights
Get alerted to abnormal increases in animal movement and activity, identifying distress, whether due to animal attack, theft or animal welfare issues.

Operational Efficiency
Enables immediate action to address animal needs, and improve welfare.

Mortality Alerts

Prompt Notifications
Receive alerts when a tag has been inactive for an extended period, indicating severe health issues, tag loss or mortality.

Rapid Response
Allows for quick response to possible health emergencies, reducing the impact of disease and loss.

Benefits of CERES TAG Activity Alerts

Implementing CERES TAG in your operation offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing both animal welfare and operational effectiveness.

Improved Animal Health
Early detection of health issues through activity monitoring.

Increased Efficiency
Alerts allow for swift action, reducing potential losses and ensuring animal safety.

Enhanced Management
Automated data flow facilitates informed decision-making for better herd management.

Easy Integration
Compatible with existing animal management systems for a smooth transition.

Location Monitoring with CERES TAG

Unlock the potential of data-driven livestock management with CERES TAG's infrastructure-free location monitoring capabilities. Designed for modern farmers, ranchers and wildlife specialists, our system delivers insights into animal location and movement with direct to satellite ear tags – enhancing animal management and profitability.

Key Components of Location Monitoring

Location Data
Continuous, remote monitoring of animal movements.

Automated alerts for animals leaving designated areas.

Benefits of Location Monitoring

CERES TAG's location technology offers significant advantages for proactive herd management.

Enhanced Security

Detection of stray or lost animals reduces risk and potential losses.

Improved Grazing Management

Insights into animal movement patterns enable optimised pasture usage.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Streamlined monitoring saves time and resources, allowing for focused management efforts.

Click and Connect

Connect your CERES TAG with an integrated software partner to monitor the movement of your animals. Discover trends and gain valuable insights based on movement patterns, which can help you make more informed decisions on your property.

Animal Management with Data

CERES TAG introduces an approach to animal management designed for a broad audience including primary producers, ranchers, conservationists, researchers, and government.

Smart sensors offer automated and continuous data on animal location and behaviour, empowering users with insights that lead to informed decisions, enhanced productivity, better land management and increased profitability.

Real-time Location Tracking

Keep tabs on every animal, ensuring their safety and optimizing pasture management.

Health Monitoring

Early detection of illnesses, reducing mortality rates and veterinary costs.

Behaviour Analysis

Insights into feeding and breeding behaviours to enhance herd productivity.

Scope Reporting and Emissions

CERES TAG's innovative technology plays a pivotal role in enabling comprehensive emissions reporting across Scope 1, 2, and 3 categories.

For Scope 1 emissions, directly related to on-farm activities, CERES TAG data provides detailed insights into livestock behaviour and management practices, helping identify and reduce methane emissions through optimized feeding strategies and herd health management.

In terms of Scope 2 emissions, which involve indirect emissions from the energy purchased and used by the farms, insights gained from CERES TAG can guide energy-efficient practices by scheduling operations during off-peak hours and improving overall resource management.

Lastly, for Scope 3 emissions, which include all other indirect emissions within a company's supply chain, CERES TAG's data assists in monitoring the supply chain's carbon footprint.

By analyzing data including feed sourcing and other associated activities, CERES TAG enables stakeholders to implement more sustainable practices, reducing environmental impact and enhancing sustainability reporting accuracy. This holistic approach to emissions tracking and management underscores CERES TAG's commitment to environmental stewardship and its crucial role in supporting the agriculture sector's transition towards more sustainable operations.

Unlocking Holistic Pasture Management

Combining CERES TAG's detailed animal data with other technological data sources enables multi-dimensional analysis of animal health and behaviour in relation to their environment.

Some examples of how utilising technologies alongside CERES TAG can provide exponential value:

Satellite pasture mapping can reveal pasture health and biomass, allowing for informed grazing management that is complemented by CERES TAG's real-time livestock tracking.
In-paddock weighing systems can work alongside CERES TAG’s Pasture Feed Intake algorithms to monitor and optimise dry-matter feed intake to weight gain, and better estimate methane emissions.

Water point monitors, when synced with CERES TAG data, ensure that animals have adequate access to water sources, optimising water resource management.

Weather data can help predict and mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions on animals and pasture quality, facilitating proactive management decisions.
This holistic approach not only enhances operational efficiency and sustainability but also supports the well-being of livestock and wildlife, illustrating the profound impact of technology in transforming traditional practices into smart, data-driven operations.

Direct to Satellite Animal Monitoring

CERES TAG's direct to satellite functionality marks a significant leap in animal monitoring technology, offering unrestricted connectivity and data access from even the most remote locations and without the need for infrastructure or network access.

Zero Infrastructure, Unlimited Connectivity

CERES TAG redefines animal monitoring with its innovative design that operates independently of infrastructure and network access, ensuring seamless data collection and tracking, remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Satellite Enabled Capabilities

Global Coverage
Ensures monitoring capabilities without geographical limitations, providing real-time data from animals anywhere in the world.

Reduced Infrastructure Need
Eliminates the requirement for ground-based infrastructure, significantly reducing setup costs, maintenance and complexity.

Self-Sustaining Technology
CERES TAG is equipped with Direct to Satellite communication and solar-powered batteries, eliminating the need for additional ground-based infrastructure, maintenance or network connections.

Immediate Data Transmission
Allows for the instant transfer of data directly to satellites, ensuring timely insights into animal health, movement, and behaviour.

Enhanced Reliability
Offers consistent and reliable data collection, crucial for critical conservation efforts and sophisticated farm management practices.

Ease of Deployment
Without the requirement for infrastructure setup, CERES TAG can be quickly deployed across any scale of operation, from small farms to large conservation areas.

Direct to Satellite Benefits

No Infrastructure Required
CERES TAG requires zero infrastructure or network access, allowing a truly plug-and-play experience.

Cost Efficiency
Significantly reduces operational costs by removing the need for infrastructure investment and maintenance.

Improved Animal Management
Facilitates proactive health and behaviour management, enhancing welfare and productivity.

Optimised Operational Efficiency
Reduces the need for physical checks and manual data collection, saving time and resources.

Pasture Feed Intake

CERES TAG's groundbreaking Pasture Feed Intake (PFI) technology is shedding new light on how we evaluate and select livestock for breeding.

PFI offers insights into cattle grazing efficiency, challenging traditional metrics of livestock performance and paving the way for improved genetic and land use optimisation.

Measuring Efficiency

PFI introduces individual pasture intake measurements, which have unveiled a more complex and informative picture of forage efficiency. Despite all animals grazing under the same conditions, substantial variations in pasture consumption among individual animals can be observed.

By capturing both the inputs (pasture intake) and the outputs (weight gain or milk production) for each animal, producers can now assess the feed efficiency of individual cattle - the amount of pasture each animal requires for a unit of production.
What does it measure?

To the nearest 30 seconds

Resting & Ruminating
To the nearest minute

To the nearest minute

Drinking & Unclassified Behaviour
To the nearest minute

Dry Matter (Pasture) Intake
Estimated kilograms consumed per day

Methane Production
A prediction of grams emitted each day

Implications for Productivity and Sustainability

Optimising Land Use

By identifying the most feed-efficient cattle, farmers can optimise land use, potentially increasing stocking rates or allowing pastures to rest without sacrificing output. This capability to more effectively manage resources underscores the importance of integrating feed efficiency into livestock selection criteria.

Reducing Methane Emissions

Feed efficiency also has profound implications for sustainability, particularly in reducing methane emissions—a significant concern in livestock farming. Animals that convert feed to weight more efficiently produce less methane per kilogram of weight gain. For instance, Ben generated 40-70% more methane than Carlos and Diego for each kilogram of weight gained, highlighting the environmental benefits of selecting for feed efficiency.

CERES TAG sensors & devices represent a groundbreaking innovation in livestock management and agriculture technology. These innovative, smart ear tags offer a comprehensive solution for livestock tracking and monitoring, enabling farmers to streamline operations and optimize herd health. The key benefits of the CERES TAG system include:

Precision Livestock Management: CERES TAG devices use advanced GPS and sensor technology to provide real-time, accurate data on the location and behaviour of each tagged animal. This data allows for precise monitoring of each individual animal, helping farmers improve their livestock management practices.

Health Monitoring: The CERES TAG sensors offer continuous health monitoring, enabling early detection of potential issues. Temperature, movement, and other vital statistics are tracked, allowing for timely intervention and reducing the risk of disease outbreaks or other health concerns.

Grazing Management: With the ability to monitor the location and movement of livestock, CERES TAG devices facilitate efficient grazing management. Farmers can optimize pasture rotation and prevent overgrazing, leading to healthier pastures and improved forage utilization.

Security and Anti-Theft: CERES TAG devices come with anti-theft features, helping protect valuable livestock assets. In case of theft or unauthorized movement of animals, the system immediately alerts the owner, allowing for swift action.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The data collected by the CERES TAG system can be analysed and visualized through user-friendly software, empowering farmers to make informed decisions regarding feed, water, and medication administration, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

Compliance and Record-Keeping: These smart CERES TAG devices assist in meeting regulatory requirements and provide a digital record of each animal's history, including vaccinations, treatments, and movements, simplifying compliance and record-keeping.

Environmental Sustainability: By optimizing grazing practices and reducing overgrazing, the CERES TAG system supports sustainable land use and contributes to environmental conservation efforts.

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What Infrastructure Do I need?

The CERES TAG system is a direct-to-satellite solution, meaning there is no need for any additional infrastructure, towers or network set up on your property. 

How Many Tags Should I Order? 

The CERES TAG system supports a sentinel monitoring strategy. Start with as little as 5% - 10% of your herd to get up to 60% of the value proposition. 

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The CERES TAG system is the world’s first animal monitoring information platform with direct to satellite capability through a smart ear tag. CERES TAG uses data collection and on-tag analytics to provide animal-specific geospatial location data in addition to movement and animal health monitoring. Integrating with software partner platforms, both existing and in development, the CERES Tag platform offers opportunities to improve productivity across the livestock industry and provide a richer range of information to guide effective decision-making.

This innovative technology is at the helm of scalable monitoring of biosecurity, health, welfare, performance, and traceability provenance of the supply chain network, including theft detection.

CERES TAG is the only solution which requires no additional infrastructure, no maintenance, no subscription, and no battery replacements.