Sheep Feeds & Compounds

Carr's Billington manufacture a comprehensive range of compounds, blends, coarse and custom mixes for every situation. Whether you have a commercial or pedigree flock, lowland or hill farm, we can provide you with the right feed, advice and a complete portfolio of services

Lamb Feed Range

Carr's Billington offer a full range of lamb feeds designed to suit any system, or breed and give a response to feeding which is so necessary to flexible lamb marketing.  

Creep Feeding

We produce a product containing high quality protein, high energy and balanced cereal content resulting in a superior lamb feed with a triple role.

  • A highly digestible creep feed for housed or outdoor lambing systems and for ad-lib or restricted feeding to orphan or suckling lambs.
  • A palatable feed ideal for feeding start to finish, for the Easter lamb trade
  •  feed which gives pedigree sheep a very good start and when continued through produces mature animals with the potential to command premium prices.

Lamb Finishing

Whether fed to housed lambs for a fast finish or to store lambs at grass, the Carr's Billington range of lamb finishing feeds will satisfy all requirements.   The range includes products of differing protein to energy proportions with high levels of starch, depending on the requirements of protein for growth, or energy for finish, or a combination of both. The choice of the most appropriate products is also crucial to the rate of conversion of feed to weight gain and therefore cost of production. The formulation of lamb feeds includes features to aid in the prevention of urinary calculi (bladder stones).  

Champion and X Mixtures

These diets are precision manufactured at Carr's Billington’s Lancaster Mill and contain a high proportion of flaked ingredients, carefully blended with other raw materials to produce rations of the highest quality and palatability. Many Championship winning clients across the country have custom made Champion mixes blended for their own individual requirements.

Available in bags throughout the UK and in bulk in most areas.

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