3 Ways to Protect Your Cattle from Parasites at Housing

3 Ways to Protect Your Cattle from Parasites at Housing

3 Ways to Protect Your Cattle from Parasites at Housing

Any animal that has had a grazing season is at risk of carrying worms, particularly first-season grazing animals whose immunity hasn't had time to build up. Heavy parasite burdens can lead to production losses, increased costs, and health and welfare implications.

The main parasite threats grazing cattle face include: 

  • Gutworms, particularly Ostertagia 
  • Lungworms
  • Fluke
  • Lice
  1. Identify the parasite risk 

Faecal egg count for worms and coproantigen tests for fluke should be used in combination with farm history, growth rates, symptoms, and post-mortem information to determine levels of gutworm, lungworm and fluke burden.    

  1. Timing of treatment 

Housing is a stressful time due to the change in diet, mixing of groups and variable quality of ventilation at housing. By eliminating parasites ahead of or at housing time, you are reducing the burden and allowing recovery ahead of winter.

  1. Treatment choice

Treatment will depend on the parasites present and the type of animal, being mindful of meat and milk withholds. For a mixed fluke and worm burden in beef animals, a combination product such as CYDECTIN TriclaMox Cattle Pour-On, could be appropriate as it will treat gutworms, lungworm, lice, as well as late immature and adult fluke. Administering the treatment correctly is essential for it to work properly and help delay the development of resistant worms.

It is vital to always work with your animal health care provider when drawing up a parasite control plan.

CYDECTIN TRICLAMOX 5 MG/ML + 200 MG/ML POUR-ON SOLUTION FOR CATTLE contains moxidectin and triclabendazole. For the treatment of mixed nematode and fluke infections, and certain arthropod infestations caused by moxidectin and triclabendazole sensitive parasites. POM-VPS

For further information please see the product’s SPC or contact your medicine supplier or Zoetis UK Limited, First floor, Birchwood Building, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead KT22 7LP

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