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Zeus EPICROP manufacture high performance Silage Stretch Films & Silage Sheets, Bale Netwrap, Baler Twines, and specialist films for Baling to protect, conserve & maximise 
feed quality as well as complete supply chain solutions with storage & logistics across 50 locations.

EPICROP offer bespoke commercial solutions to support customers which include: Working capital & Risk management, Product Training & Technical Support, Tailored Marketing Support & Business Planning, End User Sales Support, Innovation with Baler & Wrapper Manufacturers.

Zeus What we doZeus What we do
responsible agri packagingresponsible agri packaging


Zeus EPICROP is committed to providing innovative, sustainably manufactured products to our customers around the world. We work with our suppliers to source the highest quality, most responsibly produced raw materials for our full range.

Zeus is a proud member of the Irish Farm Film Producers Group, Ireland’s national farm 
plastics recycle scheme. The IFFPG works with farmers to provide easily accessible 
plastic recycling services, reducing the amount of used agricultural films sent to landfill.

We also work with other recycling schemes in other markets around the globle, including the Green Tractor scheme in the UK, to ensure responsible disposal of our products.

Some of our EPICROP stretch film is manufactured using 30% recycled materials, so our customers can be assured that they are reducing their carbon footprint without sacrificing the quality of the film and the security of their fodder.

Additionally, some of our EPICROP netting products are manufactured 
from 100% recyled materials.

At Zeus EPICROP we continue to invest heavily in research and development to ensure we continue to provide new, environmentally friendly solutions to market


EPICROP Agri Wraps are 7 layered films manufactured on seven multi-layer co-extrusion lines, resulting in much stronger puncture resistance compared to the single, three and five layer processes used in limited and low target markets.

Plastic extrusion is a high volume manufacturing process in which raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous profile. One of the most common methods of film manufacture is Blown Film Extrusion. This process involves extrusion of a plastic through a circular die, followed by ‘bubble-like’ expansion. The principal advantage of manufacturing film by this process is stronger puncture resistance.

The multi-layer film ensures an enhanced management of raw process materials 
and optimised additive distribution in every layer, thus increasing film physical and
mechanical properties.

Epic features multiple layers of co-extruded blown stretch film developed with high
performance advanced polymers, manufactured using the latest state of the art extrusion production systems. The result is a consistently reliable, high quality, high performing film.

zeus epicrop baling twinezeus epicrop baling twine


Our comprehensive range of high quality Baling Twine suitable for use on the most advanced baling machinery throughout the season.

In order to achieve such high quality, our twine is manufactured with an emphasis 
on the fibrillation which is crucial to achieve a high performing twine.

Fibrillation is achieved during the manufacturing process by passing the extruded tape through a fibrillation roller before being converted into a twisted twine. This process brings softness and flexibility to the twine that is essential to achieving the optimum performance and knot creation. Fibrillated twine can be recognised by the mesh like appearance that can be seen when the twine is stretched.

Manufacturers who only stripe the twine cannot reach the same level of softness 
or flexibility as seen in Epicrop twine. All our twine is thoroughly tested to ensure performance is maximised under specified conditions.


Our innovative range of Silage Sheets will provide you with the best available clamp management solution. Good management of your silage clamp will ensure forage stocks are protected, air is eliminated, reducing waste and allowing the ensiling process to transition crop into high quality forage for your animals. Forage quality will directly impact milk yields and live weight gain in your dairy and beef herd.

zeus epicrop silage sheetszeus epicrop silage sheets

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