VITALYX Super Suckler

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Specialist lick to support suckler cows and growing heifers to reach target performance levels.



Essential minerals, trace elements & vitamins.

Provides key support for suckler cows to meet their requirements for optimal health and fertility

Elevated levels of iodine, zinc, copper & selenium

Key minerals to maintain high herd health status, and overcome deficiencies present in grazing & forages. Supporting fertility in bulling cows& heifers

Protected copper, zinc and organic selenium

Ensures better bioavailability, supporting cow health, calf development and fertility

Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil

Encourages stronger heats and tighter calving’s.


Use: All year round, especially at bulling. Switch to VITALYX Pre-Calver 4 weeks before calving.

Ideal for: Suckler cows and growing heifers.

Typical intakes: Up to 200g/head/day.

Available as: 20kg & 80kg tubs.