VITALYX Pre-Calver

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High specification pre-calving supplement for dairy and suckler cows and heifers during late pregnancy.



Low calcium & high magnesium formulation.

Reduces risk of milk fever and support easier calving.

Elevated levels of Vitamin E and Selenium.

Supports immunity and health. Enhances colostrum quality and calf vigour.

Benefits from protected sources of copper, zinc, and organic selenium for better bioavailability.

Supports fertility, feet & teat health, and eases problems around calving such as retained placenta.


Use: 4-6 weeks pre-calving to support dam and calf at critical calving period.

Ideal for: Dairy and suckler cows and heifers.

Typical intakes: 100-200g/head/day.

Available as: 20kg & 80kg tubs.