VITALYX Forage Balancer

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 High protein and energy lick to be fed alongside roughage when extra protein and energy is required in the diet.



Balance of energy & protein sources, minerals, vitamins, and trace elements.

Helps to improve the intake, digestion and utilisation of forages and roughages.

Cobalt, selenium, and zinc

Essential to meet nutritional deficits on poorer grazing land.

Contains urea.

Aids digestion of lower protein grasses and forages and stock in straw diets.

Does not contain copper.

Ideal for mixed grazing.


Use: To maintain body condition on hill/upland ewes. Introduce mid-pregnancy and until 8 weeks pre-lambing, switching to Super Ewe Energy + Fish Oil for lowland in-lamb ewes. Use with cattle at grass and  throughout winter.

Ideal for: Sheep and cattle.

Typical intakes: Sheep: up to 50g/head/day | Cattle: up to 100-150g/head/day.

Available as: 20kg and 80kg tubs

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