VITALYX Breeding Ewe + FishOil

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Specialised mineral lick for sheep for use during key periods of the breeding cycle.



Fully mineralised

Balance’s deficiencies in grass and forage.

Elevated level of protected zinc, organic selenium, and supra nutritional levels of Vitamin E

Optimises health and support strong immune system and fertility.

Omega- 3 fatty acids from fish oil.

Supports fertility in ewe and tup.

Good phosphate levels and Vitamin B12

Balances normal dietary deficits.


Use: 2 weeks pre-tupping and throughout breeding season, where extra energy and/or protein is not needed to flush ewes and tups.

Ideal for: All ewes & tups.

Typical intakes: Up to 40g/head/day.

Available as: 20kg tub