VITABLOX Forage Plus

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The VITABLOX feed block range is packed with key nutrients including Sulphur, B vitamins, chelated zinc, and organic selenium. Containing locally sourced Scottish distillers’ dark grains as well as Carr’s Billington’s own rumen by-pass protein, AminoMax-M™ incorporating British rape.


A high protein block that supports forage digestibility and intake and promotes the activity of fibre digesting bugs in the rumen. Supplemented with essential minerals and vitamins to help balance forage variability

Getting the most out of winter forage is critical in maintaining body condition and performance and controlling feed costs. Introduce to your flock/herd mid to late autumn and feed until there is a higher energy requirement such as pre lambing/calving.


vitablox boost foragevitablox boost forage
vitablox support health and immunevitablox support health and immune
vitablox balance trace mineralvitablox balance trace mineral
vitablox promote dry mattervitablox promote dry matter
Feeding Guide

One block per 30-35 ewes

One block per 10-15 cattle
Typical Intake Up to 100-150g per head per day Up to 200-400g per head per day


Both VITABLOX FORAGE PLUS and VITABLOX SUPER AMINO + FISH OIL contains AminoMax-M – a rumen protected rape manufactured by a unique process using state of the art control systems to ensure a consistent supply of rumen by-pass protein and amino acids.

AminoMax-M has an excellent balance of key essential amino acids with a relatively high level of methionine linked to milk production.

A soya meal replacer

High DUP content and excellent amino acid profile.

Improved Nitrogen Efficiency

Less excess rumen degradable protein excreted than high crude protein diets.

More Space For Other Nutrients

Increasing forage dry matter intake and more energy and starch to further boost production

Increased Milk Yield

Improved milk composition and colostrum quality

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