Tru-Test EID XR5000 Indicator

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Capable of storing up to one million records, the Tru-Test XR5000 Weight Scale Indicator is able to keep track of as many as 1000 weighing sessions, as well as give you the ability to view this data on screen as and when you need it.

Over 700 farmers were approached during the XR5000 conception in order to find out exactly what additional functions those who'd be using it would ideally want it to posses. This has had a remarkably positive impact on the XR5000 Weight Scale Indicator's usability, for instance; its home screen will likely feel familiar and comfortable to use to many as it has been styled to feel somewhat like using a smartphone.

What's more, the device's software has been designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, so that new users do not have to waste any time coming to grips with it. Setting up the Tru-Test XR5000  Weight Scale Indicator is incredibly straight forward and once it is up and running you'll find that getting from one screen to another in order to find the information you're looking for is breathtakingly simple.

Though the Tru-Test XR5000 does have a very large memory, you can also connect it to your computer in order to download and store the information gathered externally; rather than keeping it all in the device's internal memory banks. 


  • Bluetooth & WiFi
  • Easy-touch buttons
  • Alpha-numeric display
  • 7" transflective screen
  • Simple data transferral
  • Internal shock absorbers
  • Water, shock & dust proof
  • Protective rubber elements
  • Internal battery up to 13 hours
  • 10-way sorting by weight or weight gain
  • Uses Tru-Test's Superdamp III technology
  • Can store 1,000,000 records over 1000 sessions
  • 100 custom data fields for recording animal data

Please Note:Data transfer options including USB flash drive, USB to Windows PC, WiFi using the Apple and Android Data Link app.

About Tru-Test

A global leader in manufacturing agricultural products, Tru-Test have an aim to improve farmer productivity through a mixture of better management tools, systems and high quality products.

With a focus on excellent customer service and animal welfare, Tru-Test is a trusted brand that continues to develop and innovate to achieve the best results.

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