Stihl HLA86 Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

£490.00 £408.33

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Professional telescopic lightweight cordless long-reach hedge trimmer. Square telescopic sha for high stiffness against twisting and deflection with an easy to use clamping sleeve. Perfect for tall and wide hedges with its adjustable sha from 260cm to 330cm and 50cm double side, double edge blade and adjustable working angle head from -45 deg to +70 deg.
- Cordless Technology 36V AP System
- Weight 4.6kg*
- Total Length 260-330cm**
- Tooth Spacing 33mm

Up to 144min run time with recommended AP 200 battery.

Tool-free adjustment of sha length.

Low maintenance, efficient EC motor.

Quiet operation - no ear protection necessary.

Excludes Battery & Charger

*Weight excluding battery **With cutting attachment