Saracen Competition-Fit-Mix

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COMPETITION-FIT-MIX utilises a variety of micronised cereals to ensure power output is maximised. The inclusion of digestible fibre helps to top up the performance horse’s fibre intake, while the added oil helps support multiple competitive rounds by optimising energy metabolism. The high-quality protein sources support cell, tissue and muscle repair to ensure mobility and athletic potential is maintained in the performance horse. The extensive spectrum of vitamins and minerals ensures optimum nutrient absorption, whilst maintaining normal muscle function and immune health. Optimum levels of antioxidants help to support the horse from potential free radical damage. COMPETITION-FIT-MIX contains a live yeast to help support a healthy environment in the hindgut, which is especially important in performance horses that may be fed lower forage and higher concentrate feed rations. Yeast also has many other benefits including optimum feed utilisation and maintenance of appetite in the performance horse. The addition of a unique encapsulated red apple flavouring encourages even the fussiest feeders to eat well and ensures feed intakes are maintained.

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