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The Smart Choice

SmartLick is the no frills feed block from the Horslyx Stable. SmartLick is a cost-effective way to provide vitamins, minerals and a prebiotic in a block manufactured in accordance with the BETA NOPS code.

Containing a blend of vital vitamins and minerals, SmartLick also provides every equine with a yeast-based prebiotic which supports beneficial gut bacteria. Using SmartLick, offers a natural ‘little and often’ approach to feeding, meaning that your horse or pony can get the vitamins and minerals when they need them.

SmartLick has been produced in accordance with the BETA NOPS code and therefore monitored for the presence of specified Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) as required under the rules of racing and other affiliated competitions.

SmartLick is a poured block, which provides a vital blend of vitamins and minerals plus a tasty vanilla flavour for enhanced palatability.

Benefits of SmartLick

  • A balanced combination of essential vitamins and minerals and trace elements are contained in SmartLick
  • Vanilla flavouring has been included for increased palatability
  • Support for beneficial gut bacteria is provided by a yeast-based prebiotic
  • The antioxidants Vitamin E, Selenium, Copper and Zinc are added to SmartLick, which are key to supporting a healthy immune system
  • Hoof support is provided with added Biotin
  • Suitable for use in the field or stable as SmartLick is weatherproof

Feeding Guidelines

  • SmartLick is suitable for all equines, regardless of age, workload or condition
  • Gradual introduction into the diet is recommended, before allowing free access
  • Recommended daily allowance for a 500kg horse is 250g/day
  • Always provide at least two SmartLick when feeding more than one horse to avoid bullying
  • Contains copper – DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP