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Home grown grass is the main source of on farm feed during the grazing season, and a primary source of winter forage. Reseeding with recommended varieties will boost yields, enhance forage quality and optimise livestock performance. Investment in grassland improves profitability. At Carrs Billington we offer specialist on farm advice, monitoring grazing methods, weed control, soil compaction and nutrient status.

Carrs Billington Mega Grass Leys varieties cater for a range of demands, whether that is an overseeding mix, re-seeding short, medium or long-term leys or mixes designed for more challenging conditions. We can also supply a range of game cover crops, finishing crops, wildflower mixes and equine paddock mixes.

We can advise on the whole range agronomy chemicals, and our stores carry stocks of the most popular products.

For more information on the services we provide, contact our Forage Line on 08000 234416.

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Hunters traditional meadow grass seed
Hunters traditional meadow grass seed