Leaf Blower Cordless 20V SV20 Series with 2Ah Battery & Charger

£92.69 £77.24

• Part of the SV20 Series offers a one-battery-fits-all solution, keeping costs down without compromising on performance.
• Lightweight, cordless and extremely powerful garden leaf blower makes gardening easy, clean and effective.
• Ideal for removing leaves and waste from driveways, patios and small gardens.
• Works in conjunction with our one-battery-fits-all program.

• Package Includes:
• CB20V - 20V SV20 Series Cordless Leaf Blower - Body Only
• CP20VBP2 - 20V 2Ah Lithium-ion Power Tool Battery for SV20 Series
• CP20VMC - 20V Battery Charger for SV20 Series

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