Forage Additives & Preservatives

The use of additives to your crop can help the fermentation process, preserve vital nutrients, stabilise crops with less than ideal moisture levels, minimise or prevent yeast and mould spoilage, and keep the open face of silo pits more stable. Home grown feed is increasingly important to optimise the profitability of the farm unit, by minimising brought in feed and it is vital to make the most of this feed source.

Carrs Billington can offer a range of acids, stabilisers and additives for clamped grass, wholecrop cereals, legumes, along with bale silage additive and TMR stabilisers.  Our forage specialists can offer testing services and advice to get the most from your forage. 

Contact your Carrs Billington representative, country store, or customer services on 01228 518860.

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