Crystalyx Heifer 730

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Crystalyx Heifer 730 supports gut health and immunity, for Improved lifetime performance with a lower carbon footprint. For dairy heifers from 100 days of age.

Sexual maturity (the onset of puberty) in heifers is related to liveweight not age. Bigger heifers reach sexual maturity sooner.

Heifers bred to calve at 2 years old have more calves in their lifetime and are more profitable than heifers calving for the first time at 3 years old – but they need to be grown and managed well. Heifers should be approx 60% of their mature weight at first mating and should gain approximately 25kg liveweight every month to achieve this.

Frame Not Fat: Approximately 75-80% of frame size is put on before 12 months of age (DairyCo data). The most critical time for frame growth is between weaning and puberty. Heifers should aim to be served and calve down between a body condition score (BCS) of 2.5-3.0. Fertility increases up to the 3rd oestrus cycle after the onset of puberty, therefore heifers should ideally have reached puberty and be cycling at least 6 weeks prior to first mating (DHHPS data).

Feeding Crystalyx Heifer 730 ensures optimum growth is maintained by increasing forage intakes and digestibility, allowing heifers to reach bulling weight and become pregnant earlier.

  • For dairy heifers from 100 days of age
  • Helps maintain optimum growth rates and performance in replacement heifers
  • Improves animal health and fertility
  • Increases conception and pregnancy rates
  • Provides all essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins to balance the nutrient deficiencies in grass and forages
  • Research proven to improve growth rates by 15.2% and reduce methane production by 18.7% per kg of DLWG
  • Pro-Active contains essential and functional fatty acids, together with β-glucans and MOS, to stimulate/optimise immunity and increase feed efficiency in growing heifers.
  • Calving heifers at 24 months vs 26 months saves 15.7% in rearing costs – worth almost £290/heifer (DairyCo survey data

Feeding Guidelines


2x 80kg tubs/50 cattle
2x 22.5kg tubs/20 cattle
Always place a minimum of 2 tubs per group to avoid bullying.
Typical intakes: Growing heifers: 100-150g/day
Available in 80kg and 22.5kg kg tubs.


Sugar 40
Oil % 4.0
Protein % 12.0
P. Equiv. Urea % 8.7
Fibre % 0.25
Ash % 28.0
Calcium (Ca) % 4.0
Phosphorus (P) % 2.0
Magnesium (Mg) % 1.0
Sodium (Na) % 2.0
Copper mg/kg 600
Manganese mg/kg 1200
Zinc mg/kg 1600
Iodine mg/kg 60.0
Cobalt mg/kg 10.0
Selenium mg/kg 10.0
Vitamin A iu/kg 75,000
Vitamin D3 iu/kg 15,000
Vitamin E mg/kg 250
Vitamin B12 mcg/kg
B-Glucans & Mos YES
Proactive YES