Spillers Racing Mix

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High energy, oat based mix for racing and performance horses in full training.
Includes a highly palatable blend of steam flaked barley, oats, maize and peas, alongside naked oats for concentrated energy.
Rich in cereal starch to provide quick release energy and high in oil for condition and coat shine.
Includes probiotic live yeast to support hindgut health.
With added vitamin C for respiratory support.
Natural bio-available vitamin E is included to support immune and muscle health.
High in quality protein including lysine to support muscle development and performance.
Includes chelated zinc, copper and manganese to help maximise absorption and added biotin to support hoof health.


  • Digestible Energy (MJ/kg) 13.0
  • Oil (%) 6.0
  • Protein (%) 14.0
  • Fibre (%) 10.0
  • Starch (%) 34.0
  • Sugar (%) 5.0
  • Vitamin A (iu/kg) 11,000
  • Vitamin D3 (iu/kg) 1,100
  • Vitamin E (iu/kg) 400
  • Vitamin C (mg/kg) 625
  • Biotin (mg/kg) 2.0
  • Selenium (mg/kg) 0.3
  • Copper (mg/kg) 35
  • Zinc (mg/kg) 120


Flaked barley, Oats (lightly rolled), Soya (bean) hulls dehulled (genetically modified), Flaked maize, Soya (bean) meal (genetically modified), Cane molasses and soya oil (from genetically modified soya) blend, Flaked peas, Sunflower seed meal dehulled, Rice bran, Calcium carbonate, Rapeseed oil, Sodium chloride (salt)

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