Saracen Level-Grow Cubes Winter Formula

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Saracen Level Grow uses carefully selected ingredients like alfalfa, soya hulls and sugar beet (‘super-fibres’) that produce only a minimal glycemic response following digestion. By using this breakthrough in research, high levels of soluble carbohydrates have been replaced by fats and ‘super-fibres’ as alternative energy sources, and consequently, post weaning, Level-Grow™ would be the sole source of concentrate feed given to weanlings to carry them through to their yearling year until growth rates start to level off. As the glycemic response of horses can be affected by the way their feed is formulated, using oil and fibre for energy rather than starch and sugar makes Level-Grow™ a ‘softer’, more forgiving feed. Backward foals can cope with the feed without compromising an immature skeleton, and mares that tend to carry too much condition during gestation respond well if they are maintained on Level-Grow™. The higher fibre level suits a larger mare that is inclined to get too heavy throughout her pregnancy, making it easier to control her bodyweight, particularly approaching foaling. The lower cereal and higher fibre levels mean that this product can be useful for yearling being prepared for sale if they don’t need too much conditioning or muscling up – it helps to keep some fillies looking more ‘feminine’ and slows down the conditioning on some colts that could get too ‘bulky’. Stamm 30® is included in the Level-Grow™ formulations for nutrient continuity, so they contain the new ingredients called BMC® (Buffered Mineral Complex) which are research proven to support digestive health and hindgut stability by maintaining the correct pH for optimal efficiency of the gastrointestinal tract. Recent research studies conducted by KER have demonstrated the positive effects that BMC® has on bone density and the buffering capacity of the stomach and hindgut. The new calcium source in BMC® can maximise bone density, and subsequent skeletal strength and maintenance.

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