Pillar Drill Floor Variable Speed 1630mm Height 650W/230V

£701.94 £584.95

• Variable speed model allows stepless control of drilling speed between minimum and maximum enabling finer control of finish and tolerance.
• The belt transmission uses two spring tensioned cone pulleys, the diameter of which can be adjusted by moving a centre idle pulley with the speed adjustment control lever.
• Safety devices fitted include a no-volt release switch, allowing insurance company approval for use in educational establishments.
• Supplied with chuck guard.
• Mortise attachment available, order Model No. MA10.
• 16mm(5/8") Capacity chuck No. 2MT.
• Height: 1630mm.
• Spindle Centre to Column: 178mm.
• Motor Power: 450W, Input Power: 650W.
• Column Diameter: 80mm.
• Spindle Travel: 80mm.
• Weight: 71kg.
• This item is heavy. Extra assistance must be provided at the delivery point to help its safe delivery.