Horslyx Feeding Guidelines

Providing vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a single tub, Horslyx Balancers are a cost-effective method of balancing every horse’s diet.  Designed to counteract the deficiencies found in grass, hay and haylage, Horslyx Balancers offer a trickle feed supply of nutrients.  Supplying these nutrients in this manner, maintains wellbeing and vigour in every equine.

As with any change to your horse’s diet, introduce Horslyx Balancers gradually, supervising intakes. We advise 10-15 minutes per day initially, extending the time as the weeks pass. Intakes can be easily checked by using the 5kg holder with the restrictor bar to limit intake, or simply take it away from the horse or pony.  Once familiar with their Horslyx, most horses and ponies will decrease their intakes and the product can be left with them for them to use as and when they need it.

Pony 300kg 200g per day 25 days 75 days 200 days 400 days
Horse 500kg 250g per day 20 days 60 days 160 days 320 days
Large Horse 700kg 300g per day 17 days 50 days 133 days 267 days

Horslyx Balancers can be used alongside a forage only diet, as if your equine is consuming the recommended intake, the Horslyx Balancer will supply all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to be happy and healthy. For those animals requiring a little more energy Horslyx Balancers can also be used in conjunction with the traditional cereal diets or high fibre diets supplementing their vitamin and mineral intake.

Horslyx Balancers are ideal to occupy horses who traditionally may stress in the stable or those who are on restricted turnout but still need a balanced diet.

Feeding Horslyx Balancers

The following feeding methods are recommended to make the most of your Horslyx:

  • Ideal for groups of horses in the field or barn, 80kg Horslyx XL+ Balancer will supply your horses with essential vitamins and minerals. 80kg Horslyx XL+ is for mechanical handling only.
  • Also ideal for the field or barn, 40kg Horslyx XL Balancer can be manually handled between two people.
  • Recommended for use with 15kg Horslyx Holder, 15kg Horslyx are ideal for field or stable especially if you prefer feeding from the floor.
  • Using the 5kg Horslyx Holder with 5kg Horslyx keeps your Horslyx off the ground in the stable or field. Ideal if you are cross grazing your horse with some sheep.
  • Feeding from the hand, 650g Mini Horslyx is an ideal distraction or reward.

Offer a minimum of two tubs when there is more than one horse to avoid bullying.



  • Regardless of age, breed and workload, Horslyx Balancers are created to benefit all equines. Providing the correct amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet in this way offers a natural feeding regime for optimum health and wellbeing.
  • Low in starch, Horslyx Balancers are suitable for horses or ponies who are prone to laminitis, when fed correctly. As with all equines, and especially laminitis prone equines, new products should always be introduced slowly, and we advise your equine has no longer than ten minutes with their Horslyx Balancer to begin with. Do not allow a laminitis prone equine to overconsume Horslyx.
  • Remember, if a horse or pony is on limited rations of forage, we advise controlling the access to Horslyx to avoid over-consumption, a hungry pony is a greedy pony! To find out more visit Horslyx.com and view the ‘Laminitis prone horses and ponies’ section.
  • Horslyx Balancers do not contain cereals, so are extremely low in starch which some horses can find ‘heating’. Fed at the recommended intake, Horslyx Balancer’s will not ‘heat up’ or create excitability in your horse.
  • All Horslyx products are weatherproof.  This means they can be used outside and will not dissolve or disintegrate in the rain or melt in the heat.