Horslyx Smallholder Block

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Horslyx Smallholder Block

Supports all round health & vitality for all ruminant stock

What is it?

Offering value for money, Smallholder Block by Horslyx, is hard and concentrated meaning it has to be licked, therefore lasting along time.  As a consequence Smallholder Block is cost effective to use.

Smallholder block is weatherproof and can be offered all year round.  It provides essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to all ruminant stock along with extra energy and protein.

Fed on a free access, self-help basis, Smallholder Blocks are typically consumed on a “little and often” basis throughout the day.

The Benefits of Smallholder Block

  • Smallholder Block is suitable for all ruminant stock such as cattle, sheep, goats, camelids and deer
  • Smallholder Block mimics natural grazing patterns
  • An essential balance of nutrients for health and vitality is provided by Smallholder Block
  • Helping to boost the efficiency of the rumen bugs, Smallholder Block enables them to get more feed value out of fibrous forages
  • Smallholder Block is available in 5kg and 15kg sizes

Key Ingredients

Smallholder Block ensures a balanced diet for all ruminants by correcting nutrient deficiencies in all types of forage.

By stimulating forage intakes and improving forage digestibility, Smallholder Block helps to increase the efficiency of utilisation of forage, which is key to help reduce the overall costs of feeding ruminants.

Powerful antioxidants, which include Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E, are included in Smallholder Block to support and maintain a healthy immune system. No copper is included, making Smallholder Block suitable to offer to all ruminants.

All the nutrients likely to be deficient in forage are provided by Smallholder Block, so helping to improve animal health and performance.