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Carrs Billington is at the forefront of innovation in the supply of proven products and services to farming and rural communities. 


Our network of 26 Country Stores provide support and friendly service wherever needed within our trading area. Supported by professional teams of sales specialists and advisors, these Country Stores facilitate easy access to a very wide range of products (including compound and blended animal feeds, straights, fertilisers, seeds, animal health products, agrochemicals, pet and equine products, machinery parts, gardening, clothing and sundry retail products). We are also main agents for many leading brands of farm machinery.


For details of your local Country Store see Country Store locations.

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Silage additives and preservatives that make a difference

April 11, 2014

              For over 50 years Perstorp have been helping farmers make quality silage. They are now bringing that know-how to the UK       Want to know more? Call Carrs Billington Today.                          

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Cut Your Annual Fertiliser Costs with Slurry Plus

April 9, 2014

Up to 80% of nitrogen in slurry can be lost during storage and spreading.   SLURRY PLUS is an additive containing bacteria and enzymes which create the ideal environment in the slurry store to ensure valuable nutrients are retained and not broken down or lost into the atmosphere.   Treating slurry with SLURRY PLUS makes […]

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