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Carrs Billington is at the forefront of innovation in the supply of proven products and services to farming and rural communities. 


Our network of 26 Country Stores provide support and friendly service wherever needed within our trading area. Supported by professional teams of sales specialists and advisors, these Country Stores facilitate easy access to a very wide range of products (including compound and blended animal feeds, straights, fertilisers, seeds, animal health products, agrochemicals, pet and equine products, machinery parts, gardening, clothing and sundry retail products). We are also main agents for many leading brands of farm machinery.


For details of your local Country Store see Country Store locations.

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Supplementation for optimum growth, fertility and health in sheep

August 15, 2014

We all want the best from our sheep, for the best results at tupping, the easiest of lambing’s and the best prices at market. The Carrs Billington team work with farmers to provide the most suitable feed blends, from the best ingredients to help your stock maintain their condition, but for much of the year […]

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Use the right silage additive for quality late cut forage.

August 13, 2014

Producers tend to have low expectations of late cut silages but that need not be the case, choosing the right additive can be the key.   Grass growth has slowed and sugar levels will fall as we move into autumn. Low sugar levels make the ensiling process more difficult because they lower the buffering capacity […]

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