Optimise their nutrition
Optimise their nutrition
Optimise their nutrition



champion horse feed


Carr’s Billington Champion range of horse feed has been formulated in conjunction with leading equine nutritionists to provide you with a selection of quality products to suit a variety of needs. The range consists of Horse & Pony Cubes, Horse & Pony Mix, Active Conditioning Cubes and Veteran Mix. All Champion products are nutritionally balanced and BETA NOPS approved to give you peace of mind.

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horslyx 15kg
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horslyx original balancer
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horslyx respiratory-balancer
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Used and trusted by horse owners around the world, Horslyx Balancers provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements in one easy to use, cost effective lick. Horslyx Balancers have been carefully formulated to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing. This is a unique and innovative approach to ensuring that the modern horse receives an ideal supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support optimum health and vitality.

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Made up of the highest quality ryegrass leys specifically grown for Carr’s Billington, Recreation Haylage is a delicious and nutritious feed material. We control every step of the process, from seed to the pack itself to ensure your horse gets the very best product with complete traceability. Recreation Haylage is high in fibre, dust free and 100% natural as well as being BETA NOPS Approved.

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Manufactured with your horses’ comfort and health in mind. Carr’s Billington Premium Wood Shavings are dust extracted and extra absorbent to keep your stable clean, dry, and warm. The easy spread, large flake shaving provides a voluminous, cushioned bed for your horse or pony.We also offer a wider selection of bedding materials from leading manufacturers such as BedMax, Easi-Bed, Nedz, Jenkinsons and more.

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Autumn presents an ideal time to prepare your yard for Winter. As you review your horses bedding and nutritional needs there are added benefits to considering their stable environment. Simple changes such as rubber matting, hay racks or feeders may improve your horse’s comfort and wellbeing as well as saving you money. Equally ensuring you have the right equipment from wheelbarrows to shavings forks and yard brooms to storage bins and buckets will help with time saving, giving you more precious minutes to enjoy your horse.


Keeping our horses entertained as they spend more time in their stable should be a priority to prevent boredom and stereotype behaviours.Enrichment options such as treats and treat balls, licks, stable mirrors and so on can all enhance the environment. Whilst inventive solutions such as multiple small, holed hay nets or compressed forage blocks help with trickle feeding and stimulate natural foraging behaviour.



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ariat jacket
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Cold dark nights mean paying extra attention to everything from safety and visibility to staying warm and dry. Ensuring we have the right clothing and footwear for winter can make our lives much easier. Fleece lined riding tights, base layers, and waterproof items such as jackets, boots and gloves really can make all the difference and enable us to enjoy our time with our horses and keep safe whilst we do so.

horse rugs
horse rugs
winter horse rugs


Over recent years horse owners have become more aware of ‘over rugging’ their horses. Horses are very good at regulating their temperature with a built-in heating system, creating heat as they break down fibre within their digestive system. However, dependent on breed, age, body condition, clipping and so on we are faced with the question, ‘which rug?’. With a wide variety of rugs on the market, the key points to consider are: 1. Fill – which categorises rug weight and warmth lightweight (0-100g), Mediumweight (150-250g) or Heavy weight (350g plus) and 2. Denier – this relates to the strength of the outer fabric, the higher the denier the stronger the material.

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Protection Plus


Winter can increase the risk of your horse developing certain conditions such as mud fever and rain scald or see existing conditions worsen due to the changes in management such as stiff joints and respiratory issues from being stabled for more hours than normal. It goes without saying that prevention and support is better than cure so it’s worth taking time to stock up on those health care essentials and review targeted nutritional support to keep your horse in tip top condition.


Give you and your horse the time to adjust and acclimatise as
we head into the winter.

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