Our UFAS accredited facilities provide our customers with a complete and bespoke feed range, choosing from our range of responsibly sourced and quality controlled raw materials, providing more precision with no extra manufacturing cost.

We also offer a standard range of Ration Balancer Blends, providing a wide choice of protein and energy levels for use in feeder wagons or to be fed as a mid-day feed.

Nutty blends are made with various nuts and pellets to suit parlour and out of parlour feeders where less meal and dust is required. Available in bags throughout the U.K. and in bulk in most areas.


As the diets and forages we offer our cows change, especially at this time of year, so does the acidity and the pH stability of the rumen. This, in turn, effects a cow’s ability to digest feed and forage properly and efficiently.

TechTonic® is Carr’s Billington’s own rumen stabiliser designed to improve rumen pH, and in doing so reducing incidence of SARA and optimising forage digestion. 3 trials conducted at AFBI Hillsborough has confirmed an improvement of over 7% or 2.3 litres per cow per day in milk yield and a 0.15% increase in butterfat content. Additional U.K. trial work has shown a yield increase of 1.2 litres/cow/day when 1kg of soya rape mix was replaced with 1kg of protected soya and rape.

Actisaf Sc 47 is the market leader in protected live yeast, proven to promote better rumen health and efficiency, increase feed intakes, milk yields and milk quality.

Acid-Buf is a highly efficient rumen buffer that stabilises pH, increases fibre digestion and reduces the risk of SARA.


AminoMax-Pro is our high DUP (Digestible Undegradable Protein) feed material, unique in the fact it is manufactured using natural ingredients rather than being formaldehyde treated. This patented process improves the DUP content of both soya and rape by heating them in the presence of sugar and steam. Sugars bind to the protein and block digestion in the rumen. Acid in the abomasum then releases the protein from the sugar allowing full digestion and absorption of essential amino acids.

A 49-day U.K. controlled trial comparing two groups of 35 cows matched for age, yield, and stage of lactation showed an increase in yield of 1.2 litres per cow per day in the group fed AminoMax.


Nutritional deficits can have a huge impact on animal health and performance and a knock-on effect on your farm’s efficiency and profitability. The Carr’s Billington range of powdered minerals are designed to help:


Check out our full VITAMIX mineral range.

Our dairy consultancy offering

Our range of services and tools are designed to provide our customers with Vital Insight into Growth, Optimization and Reproduction (VIGOR). Our services include:

Forage analysis and budgeting

Diet formulation using DietCheck™ and NutriOpt™ programmes

Nutricycle™ – total nutrient management

Metabolic profiling in conjunction with your local vet

Production profiling and lactation graphs

Soil analysis and slurry analysis


Have you made your diet plan yet? Our team of specialist advisers are here to help with the support of our FREE forage analysis service.

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