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Putting the groundwork in early

Every farm is different. Every system is different. When it comes to grassland management, every farmer’s needs, wants, and challenges are different.

Weeding out any of the challenges that might inhibit grass growth starts by analysing your soil and slurry

Once we have an accurate picture, we can then establish exacting requirements to optimise your soil structure, soil pH and soil fertility.

Making grassland management simple

Everything we do is to make your grass and forage work harder for you. Once we have conducted a soil and slurry analysis, we can build tailored programmes based on your specific needs and situation.


When soil particles are pressed together, the rate of infiltration and water drainage reduces. This impacts on root development, fertiliser absorption and future yields.

Ritchie Aerators work by perforating the top 1m of the soil structure, allowing water, air, and nutrients to the roots. The process also tears existing root structures to promote regrowth.

Enquire now to order your aerator for delivery early spring.



TSoil that hits a pH target of 6.3 and above is more effective in utilising fertiliser into grass growth. Getting the basics right with lime is the first step towards better soil condition.

Slurry is our cheapest form of fertiliser. Looking to make best use of this will reduce the dependency on bought-in fertiliser. Retrofitting a tanker dribble bar to your slurry spreader is a quick, cost-effective, and low-cost method of optimising your slurry application.


Minimal Maintenance


Minimal Horsepower


Minimal Leaching


Minimal Odour

Enquire now to retrofit a dribble bar to your tanker or order a new tanker in time for delivery early spring.


With fertilisers representing between 20-30 per cent of total production costs, even and accurate fertiliser spreading is essential in keeping those costs to a minimum.

We have the expertise and solutions to help optimise the efficiency of your machine, ensuring every square metre of your grassland is getting exactly what it needs:

• Spreader service and calibration
• Fitting new fertiliser discs and veins
• GPS guidance technology

Enquire now for your spring grade fertiliser and spreader servicing, or to order you new fertiliser in time for delivery early spring.



TIME 4 SOIL HEALTH – How to Soil Health Check

Our grassland consultancy offering

  • Soil and slurry analysis
  • Variable application through RHIZA


stay a step ahead with our soil and slurry analysis service to understand exactly what your grass needs.

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