ewe preparation
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ewe preparation
lambing assistance
lamb nutrition


ewe preparation
lambing assistance
lamb nutrition

Making lambing a hassle-free operation

Lambing is no easy operation. Easing the operation, lies in thorough preparation. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your needs before, during and after lambing, helping take the pressure off you when it’s at its highest.


It’s no secret that optimal nutrition through pregnancy directly correlates with the growth potential and reproductive performance of the due lamb. During early and mid-pregnancy, ewe lambs need about 20 percent more feed to sustain lamb progression.


Animax Tracesure 3-in-1 Sheep & Lamb Bolus

Slow-release Selenium, Cobalt and B12 essential for growth and development.


Ovithrive Drench

Complementary liquid feed with essential nutrients for more vigorous lambs.


Vitablox Super Amino + Fish Oil

High-energy and protein block to help ease lambing, and boost lamb vitality and colostrum throughput.


Vitalyx Super Ewe Energy & Fish Oil

A mineral and feed bucket to help meet the increased needs of the ewe, easing lambing and promoting lamb vigour.

Megastart Ewe & Lamb

A feed tub for highly prolific ewes to be fed as lambing time approaches to improve colostrum quality.

time for lambing nuts

A comprehensive range of ewe nuts and rolls

With our main range including optimum levels of Safmannan and Vitamin E associated with immunity.


Have you got your toolkit ready for lambing time? Now is the time to check and stock up! We’ve got everything you need:

– Prolapse harness/spoon
– Gels and lubes
– Iodine
– Disinfectants
– Castration rings
– Elastrator pliers
– Stock marker
– Infrared lamps & bulbs
– Ropes & instruments
– Bottles and teats
– feeder buckets

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Achieving targeted growth rates hinges on providing high-quality digestible milk replacers, palatable starter feeds, water, and straw from birth. This is also key to ensuring a smooth weaning process.

superstart lamb guard


  • Egg proteins designed to support the intestinal development of young lambs.
  • Easily digestible energy source, aiding survival in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Energy source to help fuel metabolism of the liver, helping to protect the body’s own reserves from depletion.
  • Key vitamin package to support early growth.

Superstart colostrum

A naturally whole form of colostrum for when ewe colostrum is in short supply.


Lactovis Milk Replacer

A high specification milk replacer to help ensure lambs get the best start to life.

earlybite lamb pellets

Earlybite lamb pellets

A highly palatable top-quality feed for early rumen development and DLWG.



Preparation for lambing 01

TIME4LAMBING: Our Guide To Preparing For The Lambing Season

It’s vital that ewe nutrition is optimised throughout pregnancy to aid lamb development, as well as maintain ewe health and condition. Particular attention should be paid to their diet in the last six weeks of gestation, as this is when ewes start to produce colostrum and 70% of foetal growth takes place.  

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lambing list cover

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View our 2022 Lambing Essentials List

Everything you need to get lambing done right this season

  • Ewe Feeds
  • Drenches
  • Minerals, Feed Buckets & Blocks
  • POM-VPS Medicine
  • Lambing Essentials
  • Marking
  • Gloves
  • Clothing
  • Disinfectants & Cleaners
  • Heat Lamps
  • Equipment
  • Lamb Nutrition & Feeding


Our range of advisory services and tools are designed to provide our customers with Vital Insight into Growth, Optimisation and Reproduction (VIGOR):​

  • Winter feed planning using Ewe Check™​
  • Forage analysis and forage budgeting​
  • Metabolic profiles, done with your own vet​
  • Health Planning​
  • Ration Programmes​
  • Soil Analysis​
  • Fertiliser Plans​
  • Benchmarking

Stay a step ahead and stock up on everything you need before, during and after lambing time. You can pre-order your goods for collection from your local store here!

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