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Getting the balance right, is a fine balance

As cattle come out of the weaning and growth phase, where the focus is on growing a good frame, we turn our attention to daily liveweight gain and carcass quality.

This year there’s a lot of barley about, and cattle are continuing to fetch strong prices. However, with feed, fuel, and fertiliser prices (link to TIME4ACCURACY) high, ensuring it is well digested by the cattle is essential in maximising margins.

There is no one silver bullet for hitting specs early. Each year and every farm is different in terms of system, sex, and species. But what we know is relevant to all, is that efficient fattening hinges on providing the need correct levels of protein, energy, and starch without upsetting rumen stability.

Making finishing feed management simple

When it comes to the finishing feeding of beef cattle, it’s all about balance – balanced energy, balanced protein, balanced fibre, and balanced minerals.


Alongside our specially formulated nuts and blends that are balanced to the rumen, we offer custom blends tailored to the quality and quantity of homegrown forages.

Taurus Beef Nuts

Designed for forage-based semi-intensive systems or cereal-based intensive finishing systems.

High starch from a high inclusion of barley. Maximises weight gains and conditioning.
Amino-Max L to provide rumen microbes and the gastrointestinal tract with sufficient nitrogen. Aids feed and forage digestion.
Generous levels of vitamins and minerals. Supports health and immunity.

Brigadier Beef Nuts

Are our highest starch beef nut designed for intensive, semi-intensive systems, and fast-finishing systems.

Very high energy from a high cereal inclusion. Maximises energy intake and improves DLWG.
Generous levels of vitamins and minerals. To help support health and immunity.

Blendzmart Beef Finisher

Is our ultra-high energy and starch barley blend for finishing late maturing dairy cross beef cattle.

A high inclusion of barley starch. Maximises weight gains and conditioning.
A combination of mealy and nutty ingredients. Provides a cost-effective feed source.
Adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. Supports health and immunity.


Rumen pH needs to be kept between 6.5 to 7.0 for fibre-degrading bacteria to thrive. However, high-energy finishing diets can cause rumen pH to fall outside this range.

Actisaf, formulated into many of our feeds, is a highly concentrated probiotic proven to help prevent dietary upset when transitioning to higher-energy rations. The live yeast scavenges oxygen from the rumen, encouraging the growth of anaerobic bacteria and discouraging the growth of lactic acid producing bacteria, thereby stabilising rumen pH and helping prevent acidosis.

Supplementation to beef cattle has shown to give an ROI of 4.9:1. Many of our standard finishing feeds include Actisaf as standard.


Health status – lameness and respiratory being the two main culprits in the finishing stage – directly correlates with daily liveweight gain (DLWG).

VITAMIX Intensive Beef + Actisaf Yeast IF is a specially formulated mineral powder to help support the immune status of intensive beef systems on cereal-based rations.

We also offer a range of worming and liver fluke solutions, with tailor-made programmes from our AMTRA-qualified advisors.

vitamix cattle



preventing acidosis in beef cattle

TIME2FINISH: Preventing acidosis in beef cattle
Maximising meat yield and optimal fat cover for finishing beef cattle is all about providing sufficient energy and starch. But this needs to be achieved without upsetting rumen stability. This means finishing rations must be balanced and fed correctly to prevent issues such as acidosis occurring.

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Our range of advisory services and tools are designed to provide our customers with Vital Insight into Growth, Optimisation and Reproduction (VIGOR):​

  • Forage analysis and budgeting​
  • Diet formulation using DietCheck™​
  • Nutricycle™ – total nutrient management​
  • Metabolic profiling in conjunction with your local vet​
  • Soil analysis and slurry analysis

It’s #TIME4FINISHING – stay a step ahead and finish faster with our solutions that weigh up.

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