Milk Replacers

Carrs Billington understands the importance of youngstock to the farm unit and have invested heavily in developing a range of replacement milk powders that support lambs and calves with the correct balance of specially selected milk proteins and ingredients to maximise the performance of stock.

Lamb Milk Powders

Lactovis Lamb Milk Replacer is a high specification Lamb milk based on the best quality milk proteins and high tech manufacture. Above average performance and superb quality to give the young lamb the best start in life. Lactovis mixes instantly in warm or cold water and is available in 10kg bags.

A 25kg free flow version is also available, suitable for use in some automatic feeders.

Calf Milk Powders

It is important to promote high rates of daily live weight gain and to encourage starter feed intakes to promote rumen development. All our milk powders contain EarlyBite® and SafMannan® as part of our neonate package. EarlyBite® is a sensory additive that modulates feeding behaviour in pre-ruminant calves to ease the transition from milk to starter feed. SafMannan® is a premium yeast fraction that contains high levels of B-glucans which help support the calves’ immune system.

Energised Calf Milk Replacer
Vitality is an innovative calf milk replacer based on the LifeStart science from Trouw Nutrition. LifeStart uses metabolic programming during the critical window of opportunity when feed efficiency is highest (first 12 weeks of life). Moving from the traditional practice of restricted weaning to feeding Vitality means doubling the supply of milk replacer, but also re-formulated to meet the calf nutritional requirements not just for growth but longevity and health. Vitality is specially formulated to be fed at high levels. Studies have shown that increasing DM intake in the form of milk powder can benefit calves in later life, increased milk solids, fertility and survival rates. The formula is closer to natural milk with 10% more metabolised energy and has been specifically formulated to ensure that the calf receives a balanced nutrient supply to ensure optimal development whilst supporting the health of the calf. Vitality also contains our unique neonate package. For further information on Vitality ECM click HERE

In addition to our range of milk powders, we have milk powder and youngstock specialists who can advise on feeding programmes, management systems, hygiene, Cow Signals and best practice.

For more information please contact:
David Paton (milk product manager) on 07767 460281
Lucy Shaw (Calf & Youngstock Specialist) on 07570 949256

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