Milk Replacers

Carrs Billington understands the importance of youngstock to the farm unit and have invested heavily in developing a range of replacement milk powders that support lambs and calves with the correct balance of specially selected milk proteins and ingredients to maximise the performance of stock.

Lamb Milk Replacers

Lactovis Lamb Milk Replacer is a high specification Lamb milk based on the best quality milk proteins and high tech manufacture. Above average performance and superb quality to give the young lamb the best start in life.

Lactovis mixes instantly in warm or cold water and is available in a 25kg free flow bag for use in automatic feeders.  A 10kg bag of  Lactovis instant is also available .

Calf Milk Replacers

It is important to promote high rates of daily live weight gain and to encourage starter feed intakes to promote rumen development. Maximum+,  Astralac+ and Whisk+ contain EarlyBite® and SafMannan® as part of our neonate package. EarlyBite® is a sensory additive that modulates feeding behaviour in pre-ruminant calves. SafMannan® is a premium yeast fraction that contains high levels of B-glucans which help support the calves’ immune system. Creamy Calf and Bloom is enriched with Greenline®, a synergistic blend of nutritional ingredients to support and maintain the health and performance of youngstock.

In addition to our range of milk powders, we have milk powder and youngstock specialists who can advise on:

  • Feeding programmes
  • Management systems
  • Hygiene
  • Diets from calf through to dry cow
  • Feed plans for bucket and machine reared calves
  • Bespoke rearing protocols
  • Calf signals based advice
  • Advice on automatic machines and shuttles
  • Cow Signals

For more information please contact:

David Paton (Milk Product Manager)  07767 460281
Clare Lawson (Calf & Youngstock Specialist)  07393 147509

Click here to find your local branch for more details.

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