At Carr’s Billington we offer a range of products from top suppliers for all your Equine needs.  Our expert advise is at hand to assist you.


The equine product offering begins with the specially formulated Champion Horse Feed range. Unique to Carrs Billington and developed in conjunction with equine nutritionists, the Champion range is ideal for your horse or pony, whether you require a non-fizzy feed such as our Horse & Pony feed, for an equine in light work, or you have an older horse that requires additional vitamins and oils as found in our Veteran feed, or activity levels of your equine demand the improved protein levels supplied from our Active Conditioning feed. For all year round supplementation, Carrs Billington offers Champion Balancer, a special blend of vitamins and minerals to balance natural deficiencies resulting in animals fed a forage only diet.

In addition to our own range of horse feeds, we also supply products from all the leading feed manufacturers, including Horslyx, Spillers, Dengie, Dodson & Horrell, Top Spec and many more. Our stores stock haylage along with numerous types of bedding material such as low dust shavings, pellets and fibre based products.


Containing a special blend of the highest quality ryegrass leys, Carrs Billington is confident that this is the most delicious tasting haylage. You can also be assured that it provides all your forage nutritional needs. Ideal for animals in light to medium work, but it can also be given to horses and ponies at rest; you just won’t need to feed as much.

  • 100% Natural
  • Dust Free
  • High Fibre
recreation haylage


Our shavings are made specifically for horse bedding. It is dust extracted, from virgin, sustainably grown softwood trees and provides great bedding for your horse or pony, with super absorbency, and with large flakes, is easy to keep your stables clean.

Feeds & Supplements for your horses health from top brand names.


At Carr’s Billington we have a team of specialist available to advise on your feed and supplement requirements.  With our range of top suppliers to support our advise.

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Horslyx balancers is a easy and cost effective lick to provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  Balancers have been carefully formulated to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing.  This is a unique and innovative approach to ensuring that the modern horse received and ideal supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support optimum health and vitality

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We supply our customers with top brands when it comes to clothing, footwear, rugs equipment and safety.

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Most Country Stores offer limited ranges of essential equine products, such as Horslyx balancers, NAF supplementation and maintenance products, and stable equipment. Some branches have extensive equine departments and will offer hat and body protector fitting from specially trained staff; tack, winter, rain and fly rugs and equestrian clothing including jodhpurs and riding boots.

Click here to find your local branch for more details.

Please follow the link HERE for product information leaflets.