Milk Replacers

Our calf and lamb milk replacers are designed to support the growth, health, and wellbeing of your youngstock, by providing the correct balance of specially selected milk proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and additives. We also have a specialised team, dedicated to providing an unbeatable service and invaluable support to our customers.

The Benefits

Achieving higher growth rates pre-weaning can be beneficial, not only for dairy heifers, but for finishing beef and lambs. To promote these targeted growth rates, we must provide high quality and digestible milk replacers, palatable starter feeds, water, and straw from birth. This is also key to ensuring a smooth weaning process.

We have six calf milk replacers, all made in Britain, that are suited to different farm systems and targets. These include Energised Calf Milk, Skim Powders and Whey Powders. All six of our calf milk replacers contain a neonate package made up of two additives, EarlyBite® and SafMannan®, which encourages early intakes of feed and supports the immune system. This neonate package is also found in our Calf Sprinter+ Pellets and EarlyBite Lamb Pellets, providing a partnership between milk and feed.

maximum plus

In addition, we also have our own lamb milk replacer, Lactovis. Lactovis is of high specification and is produced through using the best quality milk proteins and high tech manufacture. Lactovis achieves above average performance and provides lambs with the best start to life. It mixes instantly in cold or warm water and is available as a 20kg free-flow or 10kg instant.

Services and Technical Support

Our team covers Scotland, Northern and Central England, and Wales providing advice and support to our customers on all aspects of calf and youngstock rearing. Between them, they have a wealth of industry and on-farm experience, with technical knowledge and understanding of different rearing systems and how to maximise youngstock performance.

We Offer:

  • Colostrum management advice.
  • Tailored protocols.
  • Advice on hygiene, biosecurity, and management practices.
  • Calf Signals assessments.
  • Advice on housing and ventilation.
  • AMTRA animal health.
  • Growth rate analysis.
  • Feed curves and plans – bucket and machine.
  • Nutrition from FAR advisors – from calf to calving.
  • Herd Performance Review*.
  • Calf scour test kits.
  • Youngstock audits.
  • Technical applications and calculators.
  • Advice on automatic milk machines and shuttles.
  • Youngstock products and farm equipment.
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Meet the Team

David Paton

David has been involved with calf and lamb milk replacers for over 20 years and is hugely passionate about our products. He began his career at Pye Bibby and  joined Carr’s Billington in 2006. In that time, he has seen many changes to farming practices and farmer expectations, notably in the value of good advice in both feeding practices and young stock management.

To meet these demands, he oversaw the recruitment of Clare and Julia, as calf and youngstock specialists, with unsurpassed company and supplier technical support. When not working, he can usually be found fell running, cycling, or swimming badly.

Contact: | 07767 460281

Clare Lawson

Clare joined Carr’s Billington in 2015 after graduating with a BSc degree in Agriculture and Livestock Science. She grew up on a dairy farm and has always had a passion for dairy, particularly calf rearing, when she recognised it was approaching the forefront of the dairy sector.

Clare covers Northern England and Scotland in her role as Calf Specialist, whilst overseeing the introduction of new calf products to our portfolio through trials, testing and innovation as a Product Manager. She is AMTRA, FAR and Calf Signals qualified. In her spare time, she can be found walking in the Lake District fells with her friends.

Contact: | 07393 147509

Julia Wadeson

With nearly 2 years’ experience as herdsperson on a 180-cow robotic unit, Julia joined Carr’s Billington in June 2019. She has experience in calf rearing, AI, foot trimming and livestock management, and has a keen interest in producing profitable and healthy replacement heifers.

Julia covers our trading area of Lancashire, Yorkshire, and South, providing advice and support in all things youngstock. She is currently completing a Master of Science Degree in Ruminant Production and is FAR registered. Julia will also be undertaking Calf Signals training soon. Away from work, she plays hockey for her local team and enjoys long walks with her dog.

Contact: | 07826 891533