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Horslyx Mint Balancer

Providing vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a single tub, Horslyx Mint Balancer contains real peppermint oil to provide a tempting and refreshing flavour. Designed to counteract the deficiencies found in grass, hay and haylage, all Horslyx Balancers including Mint offer a trickle feed supply of nutrients.  Supplying these nutrients in this manner, maintains wellbeing and vigour in every equine.

Meeting the requirements for all horses and ponies, Horslyx Mint Balancer, when fed at recommended levels, provides a low calorie, low starch option for those looking to balance the nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing.

When fed at recommended levels, Mint Balancer offers a solution to balance the diet which is ideal for all horse and ponies, whether competing or at rest, stabled or at pasture.  It contains the high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package which all Horslyx Balancers are comprised of.  This includes antioxidants for immune support and nutrients to maintain healthy hooves.

The Benefits of Horslyx Mint Balancer

  • Ideal for fussy horses, the aroma and taste of real peppermint oil makes this a tempting prospect
  • Can be fed in all seasons to all equines. The weatherproof formula allows for feeding in the field throughout the year
  • Supports health by counteracting the nutrient deficiencies in grass, hay and haylage
  • Can be fed solely alongside good quality forage as a balancer, or fed as part of a balanced diet including hard feed
  • Ideal for stabled horses and ponies Horslyx takes a long time to consume; it’s an ideal boredom breaker
  • The action of licking Horslyx creates more saliva; saliva production helps neutralise the acid in the stomach
  • Veteran horses and ponies whose teeth are in poor condition can benefit by easily licking Horslyx


Peppermint Oil:

The zingy flavour and aroma of peppermint oil makes this for perfect Horslyx for fussy feeders.

Linseed Oil:

Abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids, Linseed Oil can enhance a shiny coat and support the immune system.  The equine’s natural diet is often lacking in these essential fatty acids so providing them in the diet is key to good health.

source of protein


Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and are supplied by good quality proteins.Some amino acids are termed “non-essential” as the horse can make them himself, others, “essential” amino acids, must be provided by the equine’s diet as the horse cannot produce them himself

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Combining Vitamin E, Selenium, chelated Copper and Zinc provides a potent antioxidant package which helps to support the equine immune system and all round health.