Carrs Billington pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new research and development in agriculture. On this page is a brief description of some cutting edge products and services we have developed and offer to our customers.

Nutri-Cycle. Managed Farm Nutrition

Nutri Cycle

Nutri-Cycle is an innovative nutrient management service exclusive to Carrs Billington, which links together analysis and professional advice on feed, fertiliser and minerals, creating a whole farm approach to managing inputs.

Many farmers already analyse feed, soil forages, manures and water but few link them together to produce a whole farm picture. The consequences are;

  • Over/underuse of nutrients
  • Poor crop/animal performance
  • Legal compliance issues and potential toxicity
  • Impact on farm profit
  • Maximise Profits, Minimise Waste.

Use our experienced technical team to help you measure and monitor nutrient inputs from soils, manures, fertiliser and feeds to optimise nutrient efficiency, animal performance, productivity and health.


PowerPax products are concentrated nutrient packages designed to improve dairy cow performance and reduce feeding time and waste. They contain three or more proven ingredients to provide key nutrients and achieve targeted responses.
Why feed two, three or four separate bag products when one PowerPax product will provide all of them in the correct proportions? Feed between 1 and 2kg per day for optimum response.
Contact us today for more details about PowerPax Yield Booster which has proved very successful in lifting milk yields this year.

G Factor

All high performing athletes need glucose and in energy terms high yielding dairy cows and ewes with twins or triplets work as hard as the fittest sports stars.
Unlike athletes, we cannot give cows and sheep glucose drinks because the bugs in the rumen digest sugars before they can get into the animal. Cattle and sheep manufacture their own glucose from the products of rumen fermentation.
G Factor predicts how much glucose livestock can get from their diet.
High G Factor diets = More Milk + More Milk Protein. They can also help some aspects of fertility.
Carrs Billington have allocated a G Factor to all common ruminant feed stuffs; for example maize products and cereals have a high G Factor, sugar beet pulp and distillery by-products have a low G Factor. Our compound feeds and blends are formulated to have high G Factors but great care is taken to ensure animal health is not compromised.
Proven success on farm this winter, works just as well at grass.


Performance-blended bypass amino acids. For more information click on the logo below