Champion Horse Feed Range (NEW)

Welcome to the range of Champion horse feed from Carrs Billington. Developed in conjunction with specialised equine nutritionists, the range of feeds and balancer are designed to allow you to get the best from your equine.

Horse & Pony Cubes & Mix

The Horse and Pony Cubes and Mix are nutritionally balanced, non-heating feeds, ideal for all horses and ponies at rest, or those in light to medium work. Champion Horse & Pony formula is a perfect non-fizzy ‘everyday’ feed. We have added FOS prebiotic and natural antioxidants to our formulation. Prebiotic FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), are short and medium chain sugar molecules that cannot be digested by your horse. They pass through the stomach to the intestines for beneficial bacteria to feed on them, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria. They can also support yeasts, improving fibre digestion and aiding the gut to operate in a more efficient manner. The powerful combination of natural antioxidants used in Champion Horse Feed offers a much higher availability of antioxidants than vitamin C or E on their own. The antioxidants help protect growing and productive cells and tissues, and assist the natural immune system to support a healthy horse or pony.

Veteran Cubes & Mix

Our Veteran range offers extra nutritional support for the senior equine. Older horses and ponies have additional nutritional requirements, and this is reflected in the special formula of Champion Veteran feed. The unique blend of ingredients provide increased non-heating calories, additional protein and higher levels of vitamins to support the older equine. The Veteran products contain the same excellent package of FOS prebiotic and natural antioxidants found in our Horse and Pony Feed, but we have added additional oil for joint aid & coat condition.

Active Conditioning Cubes & Mix

The Active feed is specially formulated for horses and ponies in need of extra condition and top line, or those requiring extra sparkle! A highly palatable feed suitable for horses and ponies in medium to hard work where it is important to maintain condition. Improved protein levels support muscle development. High oil and controlled starch levels achieve this desired condition without the ‘fizz’. Again we have added the package of FOS prebiotic and natural antioxidants found in our other feed products.

Champion Balancer

Developed in conjunction with specialised equine nutritionists, Champion Horse Balancer is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to balance natural nutrient deficiencies in horses and ponies fed a forage only diet, or those fed less than the recommended cubes or mix ration. Our blend conatins high levels of Biotin, Zinc and Methionine to aid hoof support. It is low in sugar, low starch and suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Contains Prebiotics MOS & FOS and natural antioxidants, but we have also added Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) which are complex carbohydrate molecules found in yeast cell walls. They act as a prebiotic and promote a healthy population of micro-organisms within the digestive system reduce the risk of harmful bacteria (such as Salmonella and E. coli) causing disease.

Golden rules of feeding

  • Fresh drinking water must be available at all times
  • A minimum of 1.5kg/100kg of bodyweight should be provided as forage. Ideally horses should be fed ad lib forage at all times
  • Make all diet changes gradually
  • Bucket feeds should be divided into 2-3 meals per day
  • Feed according to workload
  • Feed by weight, not by volume. Note: cubes weigh heavier than mixes by volume
  • A rock salt lick should be available at all times

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