Protect your cows and milk quality


Good milk yields from grass possible but beware of low butterfats and heat stress.

The latest weekly figures from Trouw Nutrition show that grass growth increased to 78kg DM/ha/day last week. This was 20kg more than the previous week but still running below the same time last year. Highest average growth rates were seen in Scotland at 86kg, the lowest in Yorkshire at 62 kg DM/ha.

Average energy levels were 11.95 ME, crude protein 23% and dry matter 17.6%, giving a potential milk from forage of M + 13.8 litres. As usual there is huge variation between individual farms, ask your local Carrs Billington nutritionist to test your grazing.

Grass analysis also shows a high acid loading and low fibre index, increasing the risk of low butterfats.

Recent very high temperatures and humidity mean a greatly increased risk of heat stress in dairy cows, especially high yielding ones. A good water supply is vital and ensure cows have access to shade. During times of heat stress, a cow’s appetite decreases and forage intakes in particular, this puts even more pressure on butterfats and increases the risk of acidosis.

Our range of high digestible fibre cakes and blends containing TechTonic rumen conditioner and Actisaf yeast will help to both reduce the risk of acidosis and low butterfats.

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