PRESS RELEASE: Carr’s Billington Launches New Dairy Rumen Conditioner


PRESS RELEASE: 14 September 2022

Carr’s Billington launches new dairy rumen conditioner

A new dairy rumen conditioner has been launched by Carr’s Billington, to optimise pH, maintain fibre digestion, and support year-round milk from grass and forage.

The launch of EVOLVE365™ comes at a time when farmers are experiencing variable forage both in terms of volume and quality to feed cows through the winter, following an exceptionally dry summer.

According to Carr’s Billington’s chief technical officer, Jimmy Goldie, EVOLVE365 can improve feed efficiency in any system, with the ability to maximise the nutrient value of all forages.

“The new product has been carefully formulated to withstand the challenges of acidic and variable silage or grass-based diets, that are high in sugar and low in fibre, to deliver improved herd performance,” he says.

EVOLVE365 contains a unique blend of three technologies to help increase milk production and quality, improve gut health and overall immunity, for enhanced productivity: Advanced rumen stabiliser – TechTonic®, protected live yeast – ActiSaf®, and metabolic regulator –Capcin.

Mr Goldie explains that this unique formulation delivers a wealth of performance benefits including: improved feed utilisation, reduced acidosis risk, as well as rumen and gut microbiome support.

“This tailored combination of ingredients should help to support farmers in maintaining productivity through the challenges of forage utilisation this winter and beyond,” concludes Mr Goldie.


Issued by: Hannah Wilson, Pinstone E: T: 07581 654248

Notes to editor

Carr’s Billington Agriculture is a leading supplier of agricultural products to farmers in the UK.

The business operates compound feed mills at Carlisle, Lancaster and Stone and has blend plants at Kirkbride in Cumbria, Micklow in Staffordshire, Lancaster and Wales. It has 28 country stores throughout Northern England, Scotland and Wales, several of which have machinery sales and service departments and fuel distributions depots.

Carr’s Billington has a specialist team of nutritionists who formulate feeds in line with the latest research and development, constantly updating the range so there is a product to meet its customers’ requirements.

Its farm assurance scheme provides full and comprehensive traceability, ensuring customers can have complete confidence in product quality. Carr’s Billington’s quality control system allows it to trace every feed delivery and the source of raw materials used during manufacturing.