BETA Feed Fact Fortnight – ReadiGrass


The majority of any horse or pony’s diet should be fibre and the most natural way to provide it is with natural grazing -grass! Other fibre sources are long stem forages such as hay or haylage and short chopped forages such as dried grass, straw and alfalfa (chaff).

When grazing becomes sparse, horses are stabled for long periods, or are travelling and staying away at competitions it can be beneficial to replace the grazing (grass) proportion of their diet with dried grass such as ReadiGrass. Grown, harvested and dried in Yorkshire – absolutely nothing is added. Water is removed gently from the grass in a low temperature drying process retaining the natural flavours, wonderful smell, colour and high nutrient value of fresh grass.

ReadiGrass offers a natural source of nutrients and is rich in digestible fibre essential for healthy gut function. It is suitable for a variety of horses, from those at rest to those in hard work. It can be used as a natural alternative to chaff, a partial hay replacer, and as a treat. ReadiGrass is also ideal for older horses, or those with poor dentition who struggle to chew long stem fibres. With BETA NOPS accreditation ReadiGrass is safe for use during competitions and racing.