Laminaze For Seasonal Support


Spring is on its way and the warmer temperatures together with springtime showers means one thing – grass growth! Great news for some, but for at-risk equines it can set alarm bells ringing. Not just our natives, but good do-ers of all types may be prone to weight gain, and the associated risks.

What can owners do?

  • If restricting turnout, trying grazing at night and bringing in during the day, as horses naturally graze less at night. Alternatively, a grazing muzzle works well for some – though take care not to leave on continually
  • Monitor Body Condition Score once a week, and keep a diary. Unfortunately weight gain is often the trigger for further problems, and sadly excess weight is well-recognised in our horses and ponies. For guidance on how see
  • Keep up exercise as much as possible, to burn those calories and maintain healthy circulation. Try lunging, or ‘ride and lead’, if time is tight.
  • Feed NAF Five Star Laminaze daily to give a natural spring in their step. Laminaze provides targeted nutrition, including live probiotics and digestive clay for essential gut support, working in synergy natural herbal support, magnesium for glucose metabolism and bioavailable sulphur from MSM, so important for maintaining the di-sulphide links within the essential laminae.
  • Five Star Laminaze should be fed daily throughout the season to those known to be at-risk, as part of an overall health and fitness regime.
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