Nedz – Excellence In Equine Bedding

Nedz Excellence in Equine Bedding

Originally established over 19 years ago, Nedz prides itself on providing top quality products and innovative bedding solutions.

Product Range

Prior to the Nedz brand being launched for horses, the company had produced products for the poultry market so had previous experience of the production of straw based bedding products and ensuring the use of top quality raw materials.

On the equestrian side the Nedz brand began its journey with the launch of Nedz Original and Nedz Pro. Both products go through the same high quality manufacturing process, but due to the different raw materials used, wheat straw and rape straw they produce very different end products.

Nedz Advance, which was originally part of the Nedz range back in 2007, has now been relaunched to fit within the ever growing and popular pelleted products range, now available for horses. Our new straw pellet is highly absorbent and has also been improved by having our unique Natural Nedz formula added to the pellets… something that no other straw pellet manufacturer is doing.

Our range of products is unlike any other on the market and this is due to our unique Natural Nedz formula that we have specifically tailored towards providing the very best benefits not only for horses but other animals too. Nedz Original is particularly popular amongst hen keepers and for rabbits as it doesn’t contain Eucalyptus. Steering away from the standard additives that most equine bedding products are treated with and again remaining ahead of the curve and continuously evolving to produce the very best straw based bedding products.


We can boast many satisfied customers, who appreciate the excellent value of our products, their high quality, and the enormous benefits both in terms of saving on labour and time as well as reducing the size of the muck heap with minimal waste and a quick rot-down period.


Our experience in the straw processing market has taught us that the only way to produce a top quality bedding product is to procure top quality raw materials and we make this our priority. Therefore, stringent controls are in place to ensure that we use only the best quality straw…most of which is produced on our own farm…which is guaranteed to be below the required moisture content level. Owners can thus be confident when using Nedz products they are providing their horses with a safe, quality bedding, manufactured to the highest standards, that will not compromise their horse’s breathing and performance and also offers an affordable solution to many of the bedding problems encountered today.

We take great pride in being a truly British company with UK sourced materials and as far as possible most of our raw material is grown on farm, reducing our carbon footprint.  We are also very proud of how far the brand has evolved over the years, and of the support we provide to a nationwide retail network.


Nedz Original – Wheat Straw & Nedz Pro – Rape Straw

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to muck out
  • Rivals shavings in absorbency
  • Bitter tasting to discourage bed eating
  • Offers cosy, comfortable bedding for your horse
  • Ideal for horses suffering from respiratory and skin problems
  • Biodegrades within two to three month and can be safely spread on the land
  • Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, non toxic environment for your horse
  • Coated in our unique Natural Nedz formula which is made from all organic and herbal ingredients
  • Nedz Pro only requires a full muck out once a week

Nedz Advance

  • Straw Pellet product that is capable of absorbing five times its weight in liquid
  • Highly biodegradable
  • Easy to muck out
  • Average 60-70% reduction in waste over conventional bedding products
  • Does not need watering when initially laid, naturally fluffing up to create an absorbent layer
  • Coated in our unique Natural Nedz formula which is made from all organic and herbal ingredients
  • Does not dry out to dust
  • Very economical

Unique Natural Nedz Formula

When blended together, manuka, aloe vera, cade oil and silver offer a host of powerful properties including :

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-inflammatory
  • analgesic
  • Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin
  • Clean, fresh aroma which eliminates odours – no strong overpowering smell
  • Discourages bed eating using a natural, not toxic, bitter tasting ingredient
  • Antiseptic
  • anti-viral
  • anti-parasitic
  • Aids respiratory problems, skin disorders and reduces allergies
  • Helps discourage insects and bugs
  • Helps horses who are suffering from skin conditions