Carrs Billington Expands Massey Ferguson Territory

Carrs Billington Expands Massey Ferguson Territory

Massey Ferguson is a strong well respected brand with an excellent heritage; with the exciting launch of the 8S series as well as a new stream of products coming on line in early 2021 there is lots to be excited about! Having such a comprehensive range of tractors from 19.5 to 400hp enables us to offer our customers the best in class product to meet their needs with a newly expanded trading area covering southeast and southwest Scotland.

This expansion of territory reflects the confidence AGCO have in Carrs Billington in being able to support and grow sales and provide first rate after sales part and service support. We are very excited to have this opportunity.

From 1st October Carrs Billington will focus our tractor activities on the Massey Ferguson brand and cease distributing Fendt tractors in early 2021, following a decision taken by AGCO as part of their long-term strategy to drive brand exclusivity.  We understand the decision made by AGCO and will redirect the efforts of our sales and service teams to build an even stronger customer base for Massey Ferguson and to continue to provide excellent aftersales support.

As a business we supply a full range of products from our established partners such as Krone, BvL, Weidemann, Yamaha, Can Am, Hispec, Broughan along with those from partners new to the Carrs Billington stable such as Horsch, Teagle & Ovlac. All these products continued to be supplied from our machinery depots and are unaffected by the AGCO announcements.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your local machinery depot or sales representative who will be happy to answer any of your questions

Lambing Success Starts Now, Not in January

New research highlights the importance of ensuring ewes are in appropriate condition at tupping, increasing the size of the lamb crop.  The research at Aberystwyth University confirms the benefits of supplementing ewes with Crystalyx blocks at grass to achieve both target body condition and adequate trace minerals supply.

“AHDB data shows that ewes maintaining better body condition in mid-pregnancy, between tupping and scanning, typically have more lambs at scanning,” comments Crystalyx Technical Director Dr Cliff Lister.  “To ensure ewes hit the target score of 3.5 for lowland breeds, it is important to make it a priority and to manage it proactively.”

He says over fat or thin ewes never perform well with many of them taking longer to come on heat. The oestrus period can also be erratic with fewer eggs being shed, leading to a greater percentage of ewes being barren, or prone to prolapse as well as increasing the chances of twin lamb disease.

He advises that weaning is the perfect time to condition score and deal with ewes outside the target score allowing them to recover condition once lambs have been removed.

“Thin ewes will need two months on good grass to put on one unit of body condition, typically equivalent to 10-11kg bodyweight for a lowland ewe.  Fit ewes in good body condition, at least at the lower end of their target range will have good ovulation rates that will not normally be improved by a further increase in the plane of nutrition.”

Anything that disrupts grass quality and quantity will increase the risk of ewes failing to be in the correct condition at tupping.  In addition, grass is frequently deficient in essential trace elements, such as zinc, cobalt, iodine and selenium.

Cobalt deficiency has been shown to result in a lower ovulation rate, poor egg quality and impaired embryo development in early pregnancy, while selenium and vitamin E deficiencies are associated with increased early embryonic mortality.  A zinc deficiency will reduce immunity and the response to vaccination, giving rise to an increased risk of disease challenges.”

“Cost-effective supplementation can reduce these risks and have a big impact on the subsequent lamb crop as the trial at Aberystwyth University confirms,” Dr Lister continues.  “The study compared performance of ewes on grazing alone with those on grazing supplemented with Crystalyx Extra High Energy feedblocks throughout the flushing to mid-pregnancy period.”

The supplemented ewes gained, and maintained, better weight and body condition in mid-pregnancy than ewes on grass alone, putting on an extra 3.9kg on average. At scanning the Crystalyx fed ewes were carrying 20% more lamb numbers, with fewer empty ewes, an increased number of twins but no increase in the number of triplets.

“The lambing percent per ewe tupped was 166% compared to 146%,” Dr Lister continues.  “The benefit was even more pronounced at lambing where the lambing percent per ewe tupped was 156% as against 116% for the control ewes with fewer barren ewes and a higher proportion of twins.  It is a possibility that the increased foetal retention is linked to improved immune status.

“In addition, the supplemented ewes lambed in a 22 day period compared to 49 days for the control group, this indicated that the supplemented ewes were mated and conceived quicker while also producing more eggs at ovulation.

“In the trial period, ewes consumed on average 30g/day of the blocks at a cost of under 3p/ewe/day, ensuring a significant return on investment. By supplementing ewes to compensate for the natural and inevitable seasonal variations in grazing quality and quantity it is possible to ensure they maintain condition and are in the best physiological state to conceive and hold in lamb, increasing returns for a minimal investment,” Dr Lister concludes.

Crystalyx feed licks are available from your local Carr’s Billington store, find your nearest here.

The Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS)

The Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS) has been launched for Scottish farmers and Crofters. Scottish Farm businesses can claim upto £20,000, 50% of the standard cost listed. 60% in the Highlands and islands. For more information about the application and payment process:–sacgs-/

The items that can be included in the claim are:


  • Squeeze Crushes
  • Headscoops
  • Foot Trimming Kits
  • Calving Gates
  • Calving Detectors


  • Sheep Handlers
  • Electronic Weigh Crates
  • Auto drafters

Also included are Load Bars, EID Readers, Auto Drenchers, Livestock Monitoring Cameras and many more.

The scheme has a small application window, Starting from the 7th September and concludes on the 11th October.

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