Hotline Electric Fencing Promotions – June 2020

We currently have some great offers on Hotline electric fencing products, see below for details. For more information or to place your order please contact your local branch. Additional contact details for most branches can be found here.

Fire Drake Solar Energiser – £20 Off

Medium power energiser with integrated high capacity solar panels. Suitable for a wide range of applications we have designed the Fire Drake energiser to operate at popular power levels.

A battery charger is also included to help keep the battery charged during the long winter months.

• 12v internally battery
• On / off switch
• Low battery / pulse indicator
• Battery charger
• 10w solar panel

Gemini Energiser – £10 Off

Gemini energisers will run from either a 12v battery or from a mains power supply. This makes the Gemini energiser extremely flexible and allow them to move between a temporary, portable fence to a low maintenance mains system.

• 220v mains input
• 12v DC input
• Low battery / pulse indicator
• Galvanised stand
• HT lead required for mains

20mm Turbocharge Tape – £5 Off

Premium white tape with copper and steel conductors.