Get the most out of Grass with Research Proven Crystalyx

Grass is still the cheapest available feed for cattle and is capable of sustaining good levels of animal performance, however grass alone provides an inconsistent source of nutrients and without a balanced nutrient intake, feed digestion and animal performance will suffer.

Crystalyx Cattle Booster has application for all beef animals. It improves both forage digestibility and dry matter intake as has been independently proven in numerous university research trials. The increase in forage utilisation has a direct impact on animal performance, increasing growth rates, improving milk quantity and quality as well as supporting the overall health and fertility of breeding stock.

Youngstock such as a yearling Limousin cross will typically consume 100g-150g Crystalyx Cattle Booster per day at grass. Crystalyx trials have shown increased growth rates of over 6kg a month when compared to the same animal type being grazed on grass alone. The increase in DLWG allows animals to finish faster and if a breeding heifer, will reach service weight earlier.

Suckler cows supplemented with Cattle Booster can produce up to 2 litres more milk above what may be expected from grass alone, allowing her calf to grow faster. The mineral, vitamin, trace element package contained within Cattle Booster further contributes to the cow’s health and fertility status, improving conception rates and overall animal condition.

Breeding bulls need high energy and enhanced mineral uptake at grass and indoors to maintain peak sperm production and fertility, a fully-grown bull will typically consume 150-200g of Crystalyx a day depending on breed and forage quality. Research carried out on Black Angus Bulls confirmed that feeding Crystalyx improved bull fertility by 20% when bull semen samples were analysed.

Trials with growing heifers in New Zealand have shown improved pregnancy and conception rates when feeding Crystalyx compared to forage only diets (95% pregnancy in the two groups without Crystalyx compared with 100% pregnancy rates in both groups that had access to Crystalyx). Furthermore Crystalyx supplemented heifers were shown to have been mated by the bulls, on average 4 days earlier than those without access to Crystalyx.

Crystalyx never replaces forage, it complements and balances it, so the rumen bugs digest the forage faster and with improved efficiency. This can allow for increased forage intakes but in all cases leads to improved animal performance and fertility, from whatever forage there is available.