Oakmoor Aberdeen Angus

The Oakmoor herd was established only 12 years ago by Tom Slater and Gini Guttery with the purchase of select stock from the annual pedigree sale at Carlisle and then with the purchase of the entire autumn calving herd from the Massie’s Blelack herd. Carefully selected bloodlines have been added over time, with a strong influence from Wedderlie bulls and there are now over 100 cows in the herd.

Heifers calve at two years of age, Tom says three years is a long time to be waiting if they don’t get in calf.  A tight calving pattern is important for maintaining the spring and autumn blocks and so good natural fertility is vital.

Temperament, growth rate and correctness are key factors in selecting bulls. Wedderlie bulls have been exceptional all these requirements and for great temperaments which is vital when they sell any stock on, to know that they are selling stock that are easy and safe to handle.

Calves are offered Carrs Billington Champion Calf Bloom as a creep feed from around 1 month of age onwards. They are weaned at 7 months old and switched onto a custom-made version of Paramount Beef mix plus hay.

Packed full of energy from micronized barley and flaked maize, Paramount enables high intakes whilst maintaining a healthy rumen. Hipro Soya, Micronised Flakes and Linseed provide quality protein for growth and muscle.

Oakmoor pedigree stock were first sold in 2014 at the Carlisle Aberdeen Angus bull sales in May and  is their main showcase. They have never been out of the top three in the show element of the sale which is remarkable for such a young herd that is up against established breeders.

This year’s rising star is Oakmoor Enchanter, born on 5th May 2018, he is currently gaining weight at 2kg/day and in early March weighed over 1045kg.

Oakmoor Lord Indiana is another promising young bull for sale, weighing 995kg in early March and won’t be 2 years old until the end of May. There will be 3-4 bulls available by Wedderlie Blacken but look out for Oakmoor Lad by Duncanzemiere Edwin too. If you want to have a look on the Aberdeen Angus Website at these bulls their tag numbers are:

UK133281400404, UK133281200409, UK133281700400 and UK133281400390.

Most pedigree stock are sold on farm privately with many repeat customers, some having had four or more bulls from this herd. Contact Tom on 07563 339979 for more details.