Volac Promotion

As a British family-owned and operated dairy nutrition business, Volac has been at the heart of the UK and Irish dairy industry for over 50 years.

Volac plays a vital role in the UK’s food supply chain. As a major purchaser of whey (approx. 1.1 billion litres a year which is about half of all the whey produced by cheese manufacturers in England and Wales), Volac support many of the UK’s cheese manufacturers who, in turn, purchase milk from UK farmers. These farmers continue to purchase vital inputs and, in turn, produce the milk which they supply to the cheese manufactures and indeed other dairy processors. In this way Volac has a vital role to play in the dairy supply chain and believe at this time of national crisis it is important to maintain a spirit of fairness and support at a time when individual businesses are stressed and stretched for a multitude of reasons.

Volac remain committed to our customers and to show our support at this difficult time we are offering all farmers across Great Britain who purchase Volac manufactured Calf Milk Replacer two free bags with every pallet. This offer will remain in place for Calf Milk Replacer purchased in the months of May, June and July 2020. To learn more about Volac and how our unique milk replacers are manufactured here in Great Britain check out our latest video here How we make your Calf Milk Replacer, The full story

We remain committed to supporting our customers in any way we can and look forward to seeing you all in better times. #FeedTheNation.

To place your order please contact your local Carrs Billington branch. Additional contact details for most branches can be found here.



Vitality Premium Colostrum

The importance of feeding a new-born calf sufficient levels of good quality colostrum is well recognised within the dairy industry. A calf is born with minimal immunity and relies on immunoglobulins absorbed from colostrum for passive protection from disease until active immunity develops.  Directly after birth a calf is challenged by all sorts of pathogens in the calving pen, calf pens and feeding equipment. The gut is permeable after birth for the immunoglobulins to enter the blood system, permeability reduces rapidly over time, so it’s important to feed colostrum as soon after birth as possible.

Maternal colostrum is the first milk after calving, which steadily declines in nutrient density over time becoming transition milk until its whole saleable milk. Colostrum consists of immunoglobulins (mainly IgG), lactoferrin, growth factors, insulin, hormones and leucocytes, which all play a vital role in calf health.

It is important to test maternal colostrum for quality, if you do not test colostrum you cannot monitor and manage health and future production. Calves need 10% of their body weight of colostrum measured at 22% or over on a Brix refractometer. Faber et al., 2005 found that calves fed four litres in the first few hours after birth averaged 0.23Kg DLWG more when compared to calves that received two litres of colostrum. This resulted in a combined production increase of 1,027 litres in the first and second lactation and 11.4% more heifers surviving to the second location. Furthermore, the veterinary and medicine costs were lower in the group of calves fed the higher level of colostrum.

Colostrum replacers are the best option behind tested maternal colostrum and tested frozen colostrum. Most colostrum’s on the market are intended to supplement maternal colostrum when quality is poor and not to act as a complete colostrum replacer. It must be stressed that it is important to have a discussion with your nutritionist or vet when buying a replacer.

Carrs Billington have recently launched a new natural bovine colostrum replacer, ‘Vitality Premium Colostrum’. This replacer is 100% dried colostrum nothing added in and nothing taken away. Immunoglobulins make up 70–80% of the total protein in maternal colostrum. As this new product is natural bovine colostrum with 100% dairy protein, there are enough levels of immunoglobins to provide full colostrum replacement in the absence of maternal colostrum. Calves are born with minimal fat reserves that can only support the calf for approximately 5 hours. Carrs Vitality Premium Colostrum contains 23% fat levels to provide calves the energy to keep warm and thrive in the vital first few hours of neo-natal life. The fat inclusion in this product is essential as fat also acts as a carrier for the extras such as growth hormones, which traditional colostrum supplements do not contain. Carrs Vitality Premium Colostrum is EBL, IBR, Johne’s and TbB free.

To find out more about Vitality Premium Colostrum, download the PDF here.

10% Off 25m & 50m Electric Gated Poultry Netting Kits

Simple box kits containing everything needed to construct a 25m or 50m (depending on kit ordered) electric poultry net.
Electric netting kits are the ideal option for those keeping a small amount of birds in a domestic setting and prefer a solution which can be moved and stored easily and has a low visual impact. Electrified poultry netting kits provide an effective deterrent against most predators and can be powered from the mains or a 12v battery (not included).
Includes 25m or 50m (depending on kit ordered) – 110cm high green netting, 4 corner posts, Gemini 80 energiser (25m kit) or Gemini 120 energiser (50m kit), hot gate entry system, 1m earth stake, ground skewers, pegs, corner guys, warning sign and LED fence tester
Requires HT lead if running from mains or a 12v leisure battery if running from 12v (not included – please request when ordering)
Please quote the following codes when ordering:
3491829 25m Electric Gated Poultry Netting Kit
3400557 50m Electric Gated Poultry Netting Kit
Click here to for contact details of your nearest store to order. 

Introducing the Carrs Billington Tag Hotline

All your tag requirements for cattle, sheep, pigs and goats.

The Carrs Billington Tag Hotline operates from the Malton store serving customers across the UK. Our long-standing hotline takes pride in offering farmers advice on all aspects of animal identification from official and management tags, electronic readers and advise on current tagging legislation.

Our strength is being able to supply a wide range of tags brands at competitive prices which enables us to work with you to find the most appropriate tag or tag ranges for your livestock. Whether it is cost effectiveness, leadtime, extensive colour options, specialised print, retention, ease of application or all of the above. There is a tag out there for you which the hotline can supply!

Advising on ear tag selection is an important part of the Tag Hotline’s work.

Tag Hotline – Who will you be speaking to?

Samantha Stenton – Samantha grew up on her father’s sheep farm based in North Yorkshire, which has prospered her keen interest in the agricultural sector, joining the Carrs Billington team in 2017. Samantha’s full-time role encompasses covering the tag hotline, attending regional and local shows with our tag display stand and demoing animal identification equipment on farm.

If you have a minute to make a call or send an email, we know that Samantha would like to speak with you. She would love to learn more about your livestock and the current identification you use, so that she can provide you with the best service possible.

New to the Tag Hotline – Text your orders!

In the shed and you notice that cow has lost a tag, no pen or paper handy to make a note of it? Just remembered to order your tags but it is outside of office opening hours?  No Problem…we are now able to accept orders via text 24-7, try our new Text Line on 07876791889.

Tag Hotline – 01653 699847

Click here for more information on our Tag Hotline


JFC round Water Trough Design deters Badger access

Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the biggest challenges facing the dairy industry in the UK today and has been for several decades.

A lot of time has been invested in research to help create solutions to assist in the prevention of the spread of TB by both JFC Agri and the TB Advisory Service (TBAS). JFC strive to produce innovative goods for today’s farmers. Following research, the JFC round water trough range consisting of four different sizes -180, 250, 350 and 450 Gallon, has been designed with tapered edges to help limit the access to badgers.

According to Dr Andy Robertson, Scientist at Exeter University and member of the TBAS Technical board …”Badgers will drink from water troughs if they can access them. Infected badgers may shed M. bovis (the bacteria which causes TB) in their saliva, and research has shown that the bacteria can survive in water for up to 60 days. Water troughs are therefore a potential source of infection to cattle, and measures to reduce contamination by badgers are advised.”

All cattle need to hydrate and every farmer wants to make their water as accessible as possible to their herds. Key elements when choosing and installing a water trough that can help prevent the access to badgers are:

  • Ensure the water trough has a badger access preventive success as tapered sides such as the JFC Agri range of circular water troughs – making it extremely difficult to climb.
  • Ensure the trough is placed in a location that is not adjacent to structures that badgers could climb to access the water. This will also allow a 360 access to the water preventing any hierarchy issues. JFC recommend there should be one water trough for every 20 cows.
  • A mains water supply is recommended, and any stream, pond or river should be fenced off to cattle.
  • All water troughs should be cleaned and emptied as often as possible.

To find out more about the full range of JFC Water Troughs contact your local Carrs Billington store. For more info on bovine TB visit www.tbhub.co.uk and for free advice about reducing the risk of TB in your herd contact TBAS www.tbas.org.uk.


Additional Branch Numbers for Telephone Orders

We are now operating a strict telephone order with collection, or delivery service only. Orders can be booked to your credit account or paid by card over the phone.

If you are collecting please do not leave your vehicle, sound your horn if no staff are obvious and we will come and load your goods into your vehicle.

Supplies continue to arrive daily, there is no need to stockpile or panic buy.

To place an order, please call one of the additional contact numbers for your local branch:


John Waugh: 07798667960
Martin Little: 07967368707
Raymond Findlater: 07767167611
Allan Law: 07770301473
Stuart Graham: 07436794653
Mark Worden: 07710604322


Landline: 01292 263635
Duncan: 07391 017456

Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle Country Store: 01833 637537
Stephen Lawton: 07771 988882

Barnard Castle Parts: 07850 609325

Barnard Castle Workshop: 07889 130668
Mark Hodgson (Workshop): 07776 657425
Matthew Wilson (Workshop): 07776 656916

Gordon Bell (Area Sales Manager): 07764 588992
Ian Hedley (Area Sales Manager): 07503 913030
Marc Thorn (Machinery Salesman): 07866 540477
Rob Sunter (Machinery Salesman): 07880 005640


Landline: 01389 752800
Duncan: 07391 017456


Peter Duckworth: 07823 789597
Andrew Craven: 07765 898546
Rose Kenyon: 07718 755153


Feed/Retail Sales:
Albert Simpson: 07801 920093
Mark Holliday: 07795 223403
Martin Maughan: 07827 350146
Simon Mellor: 07714 895891

Machinery Sales:
Craig Snowden: 07768 620047
Chris Kelton: 07771 838363
Neil Winnington: 07436 583233

Megan Davy (Workshop Manager): 07966 774666
Geoff Thompson (Workshop Foreman): 07900 226579


Lisa Henning – General Manager: 07739097853
Andrew Hetherington – Branch Supervisor: 07788582694
Kirsty Graham – sales: 07768620043
Billy Clark – sales: 07808315492
Ian Routledge – sales: 07801920092


Paul Chuter ATV
Ian Hornsby 07760249669
Paul Chuter 07808063339
Jack Gaskell 07502223483


Hexham Store landline: 01434 605371
Catherine Johnson Mobile: 07483905244
Mark Reed: 07876476132
Chris Chomse: 07876476142
Alan Dixon: 07799657838
David Vipond: 07711492023


Jedburgh Country Store landline: 01835 850250
Christine Mobile: 07504602606
Tom Tinlin: 07802533857
Keiran Wilkinson: 07850350098

J36 Kendal

Elliot Cooper: 07391 415004


Landline: 01577 862381
Donna: 07827 853174
Michael: 07798 926576


Morpeth Country Store:

01670 518474 (Store landline)
07720957583 (James)
07811367236 (Natalie)
07977634070 (Alison)

Morpeth Machinery:

01670 503930 (Depot Landline)
07557742838 – (Depot Mobile) Cheryl
07827241099 – Parts – Glen
07771967930 – Workshop – Ian


Landline: 01631 566279
Karen: 07876252065
Steven: 07990442450


Penicuik Country Store: 01968 707040
Brian Beattie: 07870 790264
Tom Weir: 07770 777740
Gary Whyte: 07425 536860


Ian Powley (Commercial Manager): 07889 458252
Chad Jordan (General Manager): 07557741616
Richard Crone (Feed Sales and Animal Health Advisor): 07767 460257
Richard Ewin (Animal Health Advisor): 07764 338009
Dave McDonald Coy (Feed Sales): 07801 743988

Dale Shaw (Machinery Manager): 07768 620049
Mike Bargh (Machinery Sales): 07388 228191
Rob Sunter (Machinery Sales): 07880 005640
Richard Morton (Machinery Sales): 07917 525518


Rothbury Country Store: 01669620320
Charlotte: 07483905244
James: 07808092556


Landline: 01786 474826
Donna: 07827 853174
Michael: 07798 926576


Wooler Country Store: 01668281567
James: 07808092556
Jonathan: 07850348600

Carrs Billington Groundcare (Byers Green)

07770 299661

Oakmoor Aberdeen Angus

The Oakmoor herd was established only 12 years ago by Tom Slater and Gini Guttery with the purchase of select stock from the annual pedigree sale at Carlisle and then with the purchase of the entire autumn calving herd from the Massie’s Blelack herd. Carefully selected bloodlines have been added over time, with a strong influence from Wedderlie bulls and there are now over 100 cows in the herd.

Heifers calve at two years of age, Tom says three years is a long time to be waiting if they don’t get in calf.  A tight calving pattern is important for maintaining the spring and autumn blocks and so good natural fertility is vital.

Temperament, growth rate and correctness are key factors in selecting bulls. Wedderlie bulls have been exceptional all these requirements and for great temperaments which is vital when they sell any stock on, to know that they are selling stock that are easy and safe to handle.

Calves are offered Carrs Billington Champion Calf Bloom as a creep feed from around 1 month of age onwards. They are weaned at 7 months old and switched onto a custom-made version of Paramount Beef mix plus hay.

Packed full of energy from micronized barley and flaked maize, Paramount enables high intakes whilst maintaining a healthy rumen. Hipro Soya, Micronised Flakes and Linseed provide quality protein for growth and muscle.

Oakmoor pedigree stock were first sold in 2014 at the Carlisle Aberdeen Angus bull sales in May and  is their main showcase. They have never been out of the top three in the show element of the sale which is remarkable for such a young herd that is up against established breeders.

This year’s rising star is Oakmoor Enchanter, born on 5th May 2018, he is currently gaining weight at 2kg/day and in early March weighed over 1045kg.

Oakmoor Lord Indiana is another promising young bull for sale, weighing 995kg in early March and won’t be 2 years old until the end of May. There will be 3-4 bulls available by Wedderlie Blacken but look out for Oakmoor Lad by Duncanzemiere Edwin too. If you want to have a look on the Aberdeen Angus Website at these bulls their tag numbers are:

UK133281400404, UK133281200409, UK133281700400 and UK133281400390.

Most pedigree stock are sold on farm privately with many repeat customers, some having had four or more bulls from this herd. Contact Tom on 07563 339979 for more details.

Mag Bucket Offer – April 2020

Order a pallet Mag Buckets (below) and you will receive a free Mono-Flex waterproof jacket (RRP £50.00).

  • Crystalyx High Mag 80kg
  • Crystalyx High Mag 22.5kg
  • Quattro Mag 20kg
  • Quattro Mag 80kg
  • Quattro Mag Sheep 20kg
  • Quattro Mag Sheep 80kg
  • CB Mag Extra 25kg
  • CB Mag Extra No Copper 25kg
  • Natural Balance High Mag 80kg
  • CBA Cattle & Sheep Mag 25kg

Offer valid- 01/04/2020-30/04/2020.

For further details contact your local branch.

Mono-Flex Breathable jacket: 

  • 100% Waterproof. Welded Seams
  • Stretchable High Comfort Fabric
  • Strong and Flexible
  • Noiseless
  • Moisture Control Properties
  • Storm Cuff
  • Ergonomic Hood
  • Sizes Available for this offer:
  • Large • XL