Customer guidelines for deliveries during the Covid-19 pandemic

In order to protect our delivery drivers and agricultural and rural families, we would ask customers to have plans in place to minimise contact with delivery drivers and assist with hygiene measures.
By working together to protect our drivers, we hope to keep them delivering during this challenging period.
Lorry drivers have been informed about hand sanitising and personal hygiene and we are requesting customers to respect social distancing.
Customer guidelines for deliveries during the Covid-19 pandemic:
• Place order in time
• Give clear instructions about where to put feed, fuel or a safe location for retail items to reduce the need to meet the delivery driver
• Have clear signage on bins and feed stores
• Avoid meeting with drivers unless this is necessary, and then maintain a distance of at least 2m
• Assist by providing hand wash facilities if possible
• Keep the delivery area as clean as possible so drivers and vehicles can maintain hygiene standards.
• Delivery documentation will be signed on your behalf and left – there should be no contact with the driver.