March Calf Milk Offer

Take advantage of this fantastic March offer – buy a pallet of milk powder* and receive a FREE calf health bucket worth £50!

The bucket includes:

  • Weigh band
  • Thermometer
  • Whisk
  • Refractometer for testing colostrum

Maternal colostrum contains antibodies, growth factors, colostral fat, antimicrobials, nutrients and over 200 elements that are integral to establishing an optimal start to life. Colostrum is vital to build an immune system to deal with its environment, to grow and develop to achieve its full genetic potential. Therefore it is important that we test maternal colostrum so we can be sure calves get the best start in life, hand-held refractometers measure total protein and are a convenient, simple on-farm tool to monitor colostrum quality.

For more information please call Clare Lawson (Calf & Youngstock product manager) on: 07393147509 or Julia Wadeson (Calf Specialist) on: 07826891533

*This offer only applies to Vitality, Creamy Calf, Bloom, Maximum, Whisk and Astralac. Must be purchased between 1st – 31st March 2020.